Ultimate Team players to buy and sell


FUT15 players to buy and sell

This post has been going for a couple of years now and helped many of our followers make lots of coins. Follow us on twitter @fifaaddiction for updates and everything to keep you on the pulse of the FIFA community. No need to waste endless real cash buying packs when you can easily trade. Updated May 11th. Stick to our advice of playing players until 1 contract and sell for more than you paid even if just 100 coin profit. Buy them cheap as can find again. Rather than keeping your players all the time. Repeat, repeat repeat!

FIFA15 trading advice

Should hopefully have followed our advice over the months and have a lot of coins or built up an amazing team by now. Team of The Season means hopefully the price ranges will be lowered meaning you can buy players you might have wanted before. Especially as people attempt to sell everything minimum price to be able to open packs hoping for TOTS. We think this would be a fair way to do it by EA and maintain interest in the game. We don’t advise risking selling everything to gamble on TOTS. Especially if you have good players you like.

Last few months advice

Still possible to make coins with price ranges. Just harder to make the really big profits we used to make on In Forms and TOTY players etc. Use our video at the top of the page as that method will work in every FIFA with or without price ranges. We will release a new one showing how we did it again with very little effort. So you can spend time playing rather than trading. We will also update the videos below once chosen the best now price ranges exist.

Christmas week where lots of new players have the game. Also holidays so more people playing it. And around the end of the 1st week in January new TOTY (Team of The Year released).SO SELL SELL SELL NOW as prices are about to drop before a very big drop. Even cheap players 1k get them sold. If you need a team to use until January build a very cheap team for now. If you already have your Ultimate team then don’t worry about Market crashes or selling and sit and watch the chaos. Then during the TOTY releases each Wednesday build your teams when the players are really cheap.

We have added new trading videos below as of November 11th. We had a look around watched various and tried out the methods. We liked the videos from @KytoxHD. He doesn’t advertise coins in his videos and is very clear and easy to follow. So have added all his methods below.

Also look out for the lowest rated players. People like to “Bronze bench” making their team rating as low as possible. This means the lowest rated bronze players will always be worth buying if can find cheap. Usually sell for a few thousand and were up to 15k after couple of months in FIFA15. We have added the list under the new live webapp page in the links section to help you all – http://fifaaddiction.com/fifa-links/ea-fut-webapp

This page will be updated often as before with players and tips for making coins. latest videos will be added to the start.

Best FIFA trading videos

The videos below show the best trading advice and tutorials for trading in Ultimate team 15. If need help doing the inform only search shown in one of the videos we have a blog on it give it a read – How to search only inform players FUT15.


General advice for Ultimate team trading

Remember good player prices usually drop around the time of the TOTW (Team of the Week) and heavily during TOTY (Team of the Year) in January or TOTS (Team of the Season) near the end of the football season. When the in form / TOTY / TOTS players come out people sell their decent players to be able to buy the new ones.

  • Make make money from kits! Buy and sell the best kits on FIFA15 if low on coins. Pick up for less than 250 and sell for 1000 to 4000. Generally the best looking kits will go for most money and be price fixed by people wanting to make coins.
  • When servers are going down for maintenance (we will tweet these out) make sure you put in low bids on players which will run down time wise during the down time. Others will try it but put in up to 1000 coin bids on top players chance you will win players for very big profits :-)
  • Make coins from Manager league cards. Search in Consumables, Manager Leagues. You can pick up the Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga and Serie A for just 300 coins but they sell for 1000 coins as it is hard to search for them so people buy the first they see.
  • Search for the 5 star skill players. We have already created a list for FIFA15 – http://fifaaddiction.com/ultimate-team/fifa15-5-star-skill-players Players like Depay with pace will have high value.
  • Also create bronze or silver teams from different leagues and find players with pace and 4 star skills. As you are building it look out for any players who are in short supply on the market. Add to watch list and monitor them. Chances are if you were looking to buy them then others will too. These players are most likely to be price locked/fixed. Which means someone with lots of coins decides to buy the page of players and then put them all back on the market at a high fixed value – explained on our blog – http://fifaaddiction.com/4047/price-locking-in-fifa
  • A reminder of our double inform trick

    We brought you the double inform trick – http://fifaaddiction.com/2422/double-inform-trick

    Don’t forget our Making a Million guide where you can make coins without having to rely on others to find players for you! Video of that is top right of page. Throughout FIFA you can make coins using techniques in the video “trading to 1 million”. We have made 50k easily just in a few days following it. Helps show the methods from our making a million page. Basically build a cheap team and play it and sell it at the end of playing. Put all players up for sale a few k higher. If you sell most of your players each time you play that is 10-30k profit every time you play FIFA. Along with the other tips you will easily make coins.


    Usually if a tournament is coming up we will list players or types of players to buy before it starts. A day or two after the start is the time to sell when prices have gone higher and less on the market. Up to you how long you leave it. We are never sure when the tournament will end. Some have been only a few days. Also with the UT servers having so many issues it has created chaos with trading and prices.

    However sometimes we might suggest players to buy or types of player such as silver to make profit from in the future. Gambling on a future tournament which we think will arrive. As above we have waited 2 months for this silver tournament but we can now make profits on all those players we bought for just a few hundred coins.

    Player prices are lowest on Wednesday evening 5pm – 10pm (UK time) when TOTW (Team of the week) players are released in packs. Because people sell their players in teams to buy packs and also the players flood the market from packs. However be careful of players in Champions League games shooting up in price if they play well Tuesday or Wednesday nights. Generally player prices are at the highest at the weekend when everyone is playing FIFA and games are being played in real life.

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