Best FIFA 18 celebrations tutorial


Best FIFA 18 celebrations tutorial

Best FIFA 18 celebrations we always add them on our blogs. These are 9 of the most popular FIFA 18 celebrations. You can also run to the camera or substitutes and players will interact. And you can go the advertising boards and they will stand on them or sit on them and do funny things. Some celebrations need unlocking in the catalogue if you have enough XP points. Only one of the celebrations below needs unlocking and it is level 3 so everyone will be able to have it quickly. The Right here right now “Ronaldo CR7” celebration. Also any player can do Ronaldo celebration although he can also do it just by pressing x.

If the videos don’t load try a refresh of the page. You can view them full screen of your device or go to the actual tweet once you play each. They are from our twitter channel so unless twitter is down should be fine. Check out our twitter channel as they are posted on there.

How to do Hypnosis and Mannequin celebrations FIFA 18. How to do Ronaldo siiii celebration

  • Hypnosis
  • Hold L2/LT Press Triangle/Y

  • Right here right now – Unlock level 3
  • Hold R1/RB, Press Circle/B

  • Mannequin
  • Hold L2/LT, Hold right stick up

How to do Dab Mask and floor spin celebrations FIFA 18

  • Dab
  • Hold R1/RB, Press Triangle/Y twice.

  • Floor spin
  • Hold L1/LB, Spin right stick anti clockwise.

  • Mask
  • Hold L1/LB, Flick Right stick up twice

How to do workout, timber and show respect celebrations FIFA 18

  • Workout
  • Hold L2/LT, Press Square/X twice.

  • Show respect
  • Hold L1/LB Press Circle/B twice

  • Timber
  • Hold L2/LT, Press Circle/B.

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