Best kits in FIFA 13

The best kits in FIFA 13

We brought you them in 12 and in FIFA 13 we have gone bigger and better. 91 of the best kits in FIFA 13. We decided these by playing with the kits in the game. Rather than close up shots these are now slightly further away so you can see how they look in game. Some look good really close up but further away lose their impact. Yes there might be some kits people prefer which aren’t in this list but we can’t please everyone. This took a great deal of effort and shows the full kits front and back in game.

Below our personal 10 favourites in no particular order and then all 91 kits are on our facebook page with links provided below. Also divided into 3 categories for easy searching.

10 favourite kits on FIFA 13 and 81 others!

Sure everyone will have different views but this is ours. Given the lighting of the game, how unusual they are and considering the value of them.

  • League – Liga Adelente Spanish 2nd
  • Club – Elche
  • Away kit

  • League – Saudi Pro League
  • Club – AlRaed
  • Home kit

  • League Allsvenskan Sweden
  • Club – AIK
  • Home kit

  • League NPower league 2
  • Club – Barnet
  • Away kit

  • League – Allsvenskan Sweden
  • Club – IFK Goteborg
  • Away kit

  • League – Liga do Brasil
  • Club – Gremio home
  • Home kit

  • League – Ligue 1 France
  • Club – Olympique Lyon
  • Home kit

  • League – Ligue 2 France
  • Club – Monaco
  • Home kit

  • League – Bundesliga Germany
  • Club – Bor Dortmund
  • Away kit

  • League – Eredivisie
  • Club -Ajax
  • Away kit
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