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Best tvs for gaming lag

Now we all know that when playing FIFA lag can be a pain in the arse. We usually blame EA servers or our ISP (internet service provider). And rightly so are these are often the major cause. However there are other pieces of hardware which can cause lag. Wireless internet, wireless controllers and your actual TV. The response time between your TV and console can make a difference even when gaming offline. We noticed this playing 2v2 offline on FIFA. The game catching up with what we asked it to do milliseconds before. The name for this lag is input lag.

So how do we know which are the best tvs for input lag? Well somebody actually created a device to test tvs and he is called Leo Bodnar – Lots of companies reviewing tvs now use his device to test the input lag and add them to the review. You can even search for tvs with best input lag and see lists with the quickest to the slowest and the prices. Or google the tv you like the look of with input lag after it and see if you can find a score. Most websites say that input lag speeds of 40ms or lower are good. 40 to 70ms as average and anything over 70ms as not very good.

So which are the best tvs?

We haven’t tested them all obviously as we don’t have access to every tv and tried FIFA on them. However when we did research to find the best tv to buy for input lag we found one in a good price range with lots of options and features to be great as a HD tv and also a gaming tv. Also the input lag was way better than much more expensive tvs. The tv is the Sony Bravia kdl42w653/kdl42w654 with input lag of an astonishing 14.6ms. Below are links to hdtvtest site which show input lag on the tests. Also finding their best gaming tv. We found the kdl42w653 is even quicker. If you like a tv and can’t see it on the lists or reviews google the model number and input lag. Lots of companies are aware now and we are trying to make them more aware. Be great if you could go into the stores and the input lag results displayed along side all the other info. Please note although we add the 32 inch tv below too that has really good input lag too but not as low as the 42 inch which is unbelievable at 14.6ms when set to gaming mode.

Review of the Sony Bravia KDL42W653/KDL42W654 (53 is black frame 54 is silver frame)



Where to buy best gaming tv in UK

Links to buy the tv in 32inch £370 or 42inch £499 with input lag of 14.6ms.

Amazon 42 inch – Sony KDL42W653 42-inch WidescreenFreeview HD LED Smart TV (New for 2013)

Amazon 32 inch – Sony KDL32W654 32-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LED Smart TV with Freeview HD Silver (New for 2013) 32 inch and 42 inch now both sold out!

Argos 42 inch – Sony Bravia KDL42W653

Argos 32 inch – Sony Bravia KDL32W653

Currys/PCworld 42 inch – Sony Bravia KDL42W653

Currys/PCworld 32 inch – Sony Bravia KDL32W653

TV reviews with input lag results

What is the bodnar lag test?

For those interested in what it is and how it works here is a video showing it in action. Nothing too exciting but some of the technical people out there might appreciate it.