Buy any player on Career mode for free

How to get any player for free in FIFA career mode

We found how to buy any player in FIFA career mode for free by accident. We had been bidding for Emmanuel Thomas as a backup striker and Bristol City kept refusing our good offer. So we gave up and just typed in 0 for a laugh. They rejected as expected. But when we loaded a saved game from before they rejected suddenly this time it said accepted! So we tried it on lots of players and though most were rejected when we loaded saved games and looked again some were accepted! Our video shows how we used this to get Ronaldo for free. Before then we had Neymar, Neur, Bale and others reloading and trying again. In one save game we had Sturridge, Vidal and Griezmann plus others all accepted for nothing. You can use them or sell them after 6 months. Very useful trick to use and lots of fun.

Career mode tips and tricks 2

Again we haven’t searched youtube or googled if anything exists already. We are sure there will be many variations but we don’t think any the same as this. Our video shows lots of detail and hopefully will add to your Manager career experience. We are also building a large Career mode section with lots of help for you all.

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