Make club millions and you star

Make millions Career mode and you star player

After we had played many seasons of career mode as a group we decided to spice it up a bit. We had played on World Class as it is difficult when 3 or 4 of you playing against computer. Decided to up it to Legendary and add ourselves into the game as amazing players. More for fun than anything else trying to score class goals and using skills. In the past we had used Financial take over to gain money to buy a few decent players. Now we didn’t need to. However we realised we needed wages to keep our amazing players at the club as big teams were coming in for them. Also newly created players only get a 1 year contract. So we had to find a way to make money to give wages and keep ourselves happy playing for club. Below is the video on what we had to do with a roundup of the steps and things to know below that.

Career mode tips and tricks 1

We haven’t searched youtube or googled if anything exists already. We are sure there will be many but maybe not with all the steps and tips we found. Our video shows lots of detail and hopefully will add to your Manager career experience. We are also building a large Career mode section with lots of help for you all.

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