F8tal World Tour Semi Finals 1


F8TAL FIFA World Tour Semi Finals

Welcome to the Semi Final stage of the F8TAL World Tour. If you haven’t seen the intro page and Quarter Finals check them out first – F8TAL INTRO + QF. Remember the first three qualify for the World finals so winning the Semi guarantees a place. The losers battle in a 3rd place play off to see who else qualifies.
The first four Semi Final groups are 1 UK, 2 Netherlands France Scandanavia, 3 Germany and 4 Australia New Zealand. As the videos scroll below both Semi Finals from each match are next to each other, 1st Semi Final is on the left and the 2nd Semi Final is on the right.


Semi Final 1 Bateson87 v CapgunTom

semi1 Bateson87 V CapgunTom

Semi Final 2 AJ3Fifa v RossiHD

semi2 AJ3Fifa V RossiHD

F8TAL Netherlands France Scandanavia GROUP

Semi Final 1 Kazooie94 v FifaRalle

semi1 Kazooie94 V FifaRalle

Semi Final 2 MHJerpseth v FC Roelie

semi2 MHJerpseth V FCRoelie


Semi Final 1 proownez v DerHansus

semi1 proownez V DerHansus

Semi Final 2 FeelFIFA v VenomFIFA

semi2 feelFIFA V VenomFIFA

F8TAL Australia New Zealand GROUP

Semi Final 1 PepsiFIFA v CurtiZSe7eN

semi1 PepsiFIFA V CurtiZSe7eN

Semi Final 2 JoelBurtFifa v JPizzleFIFA

semi2 JoelBurtFifa V JPizzleFIFA

The other F8TAL World Tour Semi Finals

The other Semi Finals are available on the following link Semi Finals Groups 5 to 8. Then there are separate blogs for the Final and 3rd place play offs. Then finally onto the World Finals! Don’t forget show the love and follow us on twitter @fifaaddiction and use the share icons below.