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If we don’t have your question regarding FIFA14 ask us below or on twitter – @fifaaddiction. Many have asked us lots of questions these last few weeks so here are those questions and answers plus lots more we know will be asked.

FIFA14 release dates and EA season ticket

Q When is the FIFA14 demo released?

A Tuesday 10th September.

Q When is FIFA14 released?

A In North America the FIFA14 release date is 24th September. In Europe the FIFA14 release date is 27th September Xbox 360
and PS3.

Q When is FIFA14 nextgen release date?

A FIFA14 nextgen will release in November with the launch of PS4 and XboxOne consoles.

Q Is there an EA season ticket for FIFA14? When is FIFA14 available on EA season ticket?

A Yes the EA season ticket allows you to play the game 4 days or more before the release date for each particular country. this includes Ultimate team where you can trade and play.
In USA, Canada and Mexico you can download FIFA14 season ticket on September 20th 1pm ET. FIFA14 EA season ticket allows download 21st September in UK (Europe), Australia and New Zealand at 5pm UK time. The download to your console expires on day FIFA is actually released in your country so you then have to buy the game.

Q Where can I download the EA season ticket? How much is the EA season ticket?

A On your console search for EA season ticket in Bing on xbox or in the playstation store. Link to full details on EA website with videos.

The EA season ticket costs 2000 points on xbox or £19.99 on playstation.

Q Can you use FIFA points in the early release season ticket version?

A Yes you can carry over FIFA points from FIFA13 to FIFA14 (NOTE YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS ONCE). Purchase FIFA points on FIFA13 and then when you go onto FIFA14 early release it will ask you if you want to transfer them. Say yes. You then have to login to the FIFA14 webapp to use the points in FIFA14 Ultimate team to buy packs. Console doesn’t let you buy the packs until the full game is released. Not sure if this is a glitch by the webapp or not but happy pack buying 🙂


Q Do you get free packs in Ultimate Team with EA Season Ticket?

A Yes you get 24 premium gold packs 1 each week.

Q When is the FIFA14 Ultimate team webapp available?

A The FIFA14 webapp for Ultimate team is released on September 15th

FIFA14 Ultimate team questions

Q My security question not working for webapp what do I do?

A Select forgot password and then choose lock account. Then go to FIFA13 ultimate team on your console and it will ask you for a question and answer. Make sure you set a different question and answer to previously used. Logout, go back to webapp and should now be ok.

Q Is FIFA14 Ultimate team only on Xbox? Is FIFA14 Ultimate team not on playstation?

A FIFA14 Ultimate team is on both consoles.

Q What is the exclusive content on Ultimate team for XboxOne?

A Legends cards such as Pele, Gullit, Zola. Full list from EA –

Q Are all the FIFA Ultimate team legends released on the 22nd November?

A FIFA14 Ultimate team legends will be released staggered from the 22nd Nov. Not all at once they will be randomly inserted in packs from that date. Explained here by David Rutter exec producer –

Q Does your FIFA13 Ultimate team continue on FIFA14 or start from scratch?

A Every new version of FIFA Ultimate team starts at the beginning. FIFA12 FUT team doesn’t continue on FIFA13 FUT and FIFA14 will start at beginning too. New start no games played no coins with bronze team and anything you get in packs.

Q Will FIFA Ultimate team progress from FIFA14 on xbox360 or PS3 continue/carry over to XboxOne and PS4?

A Yes it will, but only from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and Ps3 to PS4. You can’t start on PS3 and then continue on XboxOne for example.


Q Will FIFA Ultimate team Next Gen market be separate to current gen?

A No the market will be shared between Xbox 360 and Xbox One and Ps3 and PS4.

Q Can people on PS3 and PS4 play each other at FIFA14? Can people on Xbox 360 and XboxOne play each other at FIFA14?

A No they are separate games with different animations.

Q Can I transfer my Xbox360 Ultimate Team on FIFA14 to PS4 in the same way?

A No you can only carry over progress between the relevant console. Xbox360 to XboxOne and PS3 to PS4.

FIFA14 hardware questions

Q Will my old controllers work on PS4? Will my old controllers work on XboxOne?

A No controllers that we know of will work with the new consoles.

Q Is FIFA14 full HD 1080p?

A It is on Nextgen consoles PS4 and XboxOne. It will also be 60 frames per second. The old consoles will remain 720 HD.

Q Will FIFA14 on PC use the new Ignite engine?

A No FIFA 14 on PC will be same as PS3 and Xbox360

FIFA14 buying guide

Q Should I buy the normal version, ultimate version, limited edition or collectors edition? What is the difference?

A FIFA14 standard edition is cheapest option at £40 Amazon/ShopTo/Play Xbox 360 and PS3. So always a good choice! It has 4 free standard gold packs with one rare in each. FIFA14 Ultimate edition £58 PS3 and Xbox360 has 1 gold pack for 24 weeks a few pro boosts and celebrations and adidas bundle, few boots etc and old kits.
FIFA14 Limited edition £60 Xbox360 and PS3 ( exclusives pre order before Aug 25th) has same but 1 premium gold pack for 24 weeks.
The Collectors edition £85 Xbox360 and PS3 ( exclusives) you get only normal gold pack for 24 weeks, some catalogue items unlocked, a steel book? and an Adidas glider EASports football.
So we highly recommend buying the standard edition what is the point having packs if you can only open 1 per week? The Amazon standard edition even has 3 extra celebrations thrown in. Unless addicted to packs and can’t buy them on the console.

Q Will FIFA14 be more popular on XboxOne or PS4?

A At the moment the PS4 is in front on pre orders across Europe and especially in the UK where Sony have asked major stores to notify customers the initial stock is sold out. However BREAKING NEWS from Gamescom 20th Aug – a copy of FIFA14 will be free with XboxOne. So the price of both with FIFA14 is rougly the same now. Also reports that Microsoft stock is larger for pre orders. Both seem set to sell in record numbers so difficult to know how many of those people are FIFA players. The community is currently bigger on Xbox but we believe it will become more 50-50 on FIFA14 nextgen between the consoles. HOWEVER also BREAKING news from Gamescom today – XboxOne Ultimate team legends exclusive to the console. See video below players like Gullit, Bergkamp and amazing players from the past will be in packs. Not available on PS4.

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