FIFA 18 gameplay videos

FIFA 18 gameplay videos

Here are the 1st FIFA 18 gameplay videos. Including feedback and thoughts from youtubers who have played the full game early below.

FIFA 18 gameplay video HD

Gamescom FIFA 18 footage full game from Aug 24th. Chelsea and Manchester United feature. Also FIFA gameplay producer Samuel Rivera talks about FIFA 18 gameplay and tactics.

Bayern Munich v Chelsea FIFA 18 video HD

Lots more of the FIFA 18 gameplay including the 1st goal we had seen. This game has full English commentary too. Lots of different camera angles show the new FIFA 18 graphics. We can also see the new menus and squad screens. Nothing very different apart from a few colour changes but they were fine in FIFA 17.

Athletico Madrid v Chelsea FIFA 18 video HD

This game shows the new visuals within the stadiums. The confetti across the pitch similar to what we saw in FIFA World Cup 2010 still one of our favourite FIFA games. As well as cars and objects around the running tracks etc. Giving more depth to how FIFA 18 looks which I’m sure career mode players will appreciate more than most. It is a bit difficult to admire the stadiums in FIFA Ultimate Team especially if playing divisions and weekend leagues.

FIFA 18 gameplay impressions

Here FIFA youtuber @la5ty gives his impressions of FIFA 18 gameplay. Saying defending seems harder than FIFA 17. His best players in FIFA 18 so far feature Pogba, Modric and Cavani. He also played FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch which is looking really good.

FIFA 18 gameplay changes

Here FIFA youtuber @bateson87 gives his feedback on the FIFA 18 gameplay. A few changes to shielding and driven passes which were used a lot in FIFA 17.

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