FIFA Handicap

Does FIFA handicap exist?

What is FIFA handicap and why is it mentioned in the FIFA community? Basically the thought by many that there is something in the Ultimate Team game of FIFA which makes teams full of amazing Team of the Season/Team of the Year/Man of the Match/In Form players not play as well as average gold players or even silver players. Even to the point where people think silver teams will normally beat normal gold teams. Quite a few people have made videos on this and we have linked the best ones at the bottom of the page. We decided to investigate ourselves as we had never actually used a full Team of the Season team in Ultimate Team. Had a couple of players in teams before and they have played well for us over the last few FIFA games. So are one or two good but lots not? Only one way to find out. Thanks to our followers we borrowed two different TOTS teams. Then we recorded all the games and testing which was 4 days of testing and around 20 hours of footage. Obviously we have taken the most important parts and tried to fit as much into the two videos as possible.

Anyone could say there is handicap because they used a TOTS and lost lots of games online but do better with normal players. So we made sure we played some games against the same people using and also against the TOTS. Also playing the same players with our gold and their gold teams. Then we could see if actual differences. Also playing in the same online division with and without it on the same days and same time period. Below are the two videos we produced on the investigation. Watch part 1 and read our thoughts and then the final part which is really interesting to watch.

FIFA TOTS Handicap investigation video part 1

In part 1 we were using what we thought would be an amazing Team of the Season team. As it is similar to the normal gold team people use to win games. Pace and power and just seems to be overpowered. However the players seemed sluggish compared to Gold teams we normally use. Not reacting well, not sprinting as quick as some 70 rated silver players we had used. All very strange. And we played Klutch who is a very good player and the difference between playing with a gold team and TOTS was really noticeable. Had to try twice as hard with TOTS and they weren’t winning tackles or making good passes. Check out part 2 below to see lots more evidence on if handicap exists or not.

FIFA TOTS Handicap investigation video part 2

So after part 1 we needed more evidence and a better test. We borrowed a second TOTS team this time BPL with some very strong attacking players like Bale and RVP. But we struggled even more than with the German TOTS. Passing was shocking, Bale was missing shots his normal card would smash in. Normal Ben Arfa would smash in the shots he missed. Which was really disappointing. The defenders weren’t winning headers especially at corners and we know they are slow but they were being burned every few minutes. The regular cards didn’t seem to position themselves so badly or react so slow. To make really sure we weren’t just being unlucky we created the original German TOTS team as a standard gold and set out in Div2. We’ve never struggled in that division before and using the normal gold team we destroyed people with 2 people quitting inside the 1st half. The difference was big. Passing great, defending great, attacking great. We still have no idea why the TOTS version was so bad. Our conclusion that there is FIFA handicap is disappointing as we actually thought there probably wasn’t at the start. Having used 1 or two TOTS etc players in teams before they have always played really well. MOTM Lavezzi in FIFA12 and 82 Mertens in FIFA13 were just insanely good when in gold teams. So what have EA done wrong? Must be an error as surely to sell more packs (I know they sell a lot anyway) the better players should actually be better. When you watch on youtube and the best players stay away from full TOTS teams because they don’t trust them. The classic example and most famous FIFA player @KSIOlajidebt lost his full TOTY in a pink slip game v @Bateson87 who was using the German gold sweat team. As shown below.