Play FIFA for money


Play FIFA for money

These are websites you can login to and play FIFA for money against people online. Head to head games or even play Ultimate team for coins on some sites. Options to play on consoles or PC and even Wii. These are the best sites to play fifa for money. Some even allow you to play for free and earn points to then exchange for money. Also keep an eye on our twitter where we tweet out tournaments and events where you can compete and win.

You might hear the phrase FIFA wager where people challenge you to play FIFA for cash. Especially in forums and on streams. At least you know with these sites you have more protection and can report any cheating.

FIFA on Gamersaloon

Check out our very own FIFA tournament on Gamer Saloon! You can see and enter the tournament below with prize money and a top of the range Cinch controller for each console. FULL details of the tournament with pictures of the controllers are in our FIFAAddiction tournament blog here.

Gamersaloon is the place to play FIFA against others online for cash and even Ultimate team coins. So you can play head to head v people or Ultimate team v people. Register for free and you have access to the forums where others are looking for games. You both agree to play and upload cash from paypal credit card etc into the pot to be won. Being able to use Ultimate team coins and win them is brilliant and makes the site a must if you like to play for money. You can use our special FIFA18 page on their site below which as mentioned has our very own tournament! Great work from their team and they do seem focused on driving it forward within the FIFA community. Also bigger tournaments with £5000 and more prizes so defo worth registering on the site for free and trying a few games out. They also run a FIFA pro league featured in our blogs

FIFA worldgaming

FIFA on Worldgaming

The first site to do FIFA gaming was Virgin Gaming which was for xbox360 and PS3 and linked to EA Sports Arena within EA games such as FIFA13 and 14. Since then Virgin Gaming then became and is essentially the same thing without the EA Sports Arena. Worldgaming have announced PS4 and XboxOne gaming will be on the site some time in October 2014.

There are also tournaments hosted where you can enter for a small amounts and pay into further rounds if you win. Also a feature to cash out at round 3 for instance and not play round 4. They also had larger tournaments for 20-150k but looking at their facebook page the events seemed to stop as Virgin Gaming became WorldGaming. Will keep an eye on it.