Secret FIFA shot

Secret FIFA shot

Secret FIFA shot

How to do special shots that EA don’t tell us about. Luckily we find them out for ourselves and add them here for everyone. When you want to add flair to your game you need to know how to do these finishes. Below we have the Rabona shot and the scoop finish. Both awesome ways to score in FIFA.

How to do Rabona shot on FIFA

One of the best finishing moves in FIFA and recently we saw Eric Lamela score a rabona goal in real life. Everyone on forums were saying give Lamela 5 star skills so he can do it. Well he doesn’t need them to do this move. All players need to do the rabona pass or shot is the flair trait. Even some 2 star skill players with flair trait can do it. There are 2 types of Rabona shot/pass, the lob version and the driven version.

Basically all you do is use the lob pass button but with the Left trigger held (L2/LT) and shoot/pass from an angle. To do the driven version you hold R1/RB button at same time. So if running towards the top of the pitch on tele camera you would hold L2/LT and press lob pass button at the same time as flicking the left stick to the left (towards goal). Many people do lob passing but forget you can do driven lob passing using R1/RB.

We have created a video to showcase and hopefully teach you how to score Rabona goals or pass it around in style. Nice to do Rabona crosses and freekicks too.

How to do Scoop finish on FIFA

Not many people do the scoop finish which really adds some flair to your play. Works in every FIFA and usually any creative player will do it but the ones with flair trait do it almost every time. Especially if doing it one v one against keeper. More effective than simple lob shot if closer to keeper and they rarely get a hand to it. Also online players don’t expect it so if they rush a keeper a little even better.

When running to goal slow down to a dribble and hold L2 on Playstation or LT on xbox. Then press lob pass button. You can also use it for passing around the area to team mates or general showboating anywhere on the pitch

Set your pro to a forward creator or midfield playmaker to do this more easily. You will also perform it more if you have fancy passing trait set. Happy finishing and enjoy embarrassing your opponents!