FIFA Ultimate Team chemistry myth

Chemistry in FUT 12 is pointless

We have been testing all aspects of FIFA for a number of months now. One of our favourite modes is FIFA Ultimate Team. Picking players and creating a team to play against others is good fun and there are always new in form players released usually reflecting performances in real life. Shame no league mode but maybe one day. It also allows online mulitplayer so 4 of us can play against other teams online using 3 guests. Really good fun but very very hard. Especially switching players and positioning everyone. Over the months we have been testing many parts including the key part of Ultimate Team – Chemistry! Or is it?

Our hundreds of games suggest not. We haven’t noticed any difference in play between teams with less than 50 chemistry and those with 100. Even with players out of position and 0 chemistry players have played no differently. For us it is pure psychology in your mind. Do a bad pass or shot and you blame the chemistry. A player has a bad game and you blame the chemistry. What do you blame when they have full chemistry and have a bad game? Usually scripting, lag, the goldfish making too much noise. Do some tests like we did create 2 teams one with full chemistry and one with none. Ask someone to blindfold you and they select one of the teams for you to play with. See if you notice the difference over a series of 10 to 20 games.

This means you can buy the cheapest versions of players in any formation and build your teams much cheaper without having to worry. Also change formation during game if not doing well in a game. And you won’t have to care about chemistry being affected. Notice EA have added 95% chemistry to the latest tournament as we hinted on forums this was the case previously. Not much we can stop them doing that but at least this raises awareness.

Below are the first two videos showing how chemistry hasn’t affected online tournament play. As explained on the youtube channel we wanted to leave the first video from our Samsung Galaxy s2 raw, to show no video editing was used. Apologies if a little bright. The second video is still from the S2 but added intro and exit. Don’t forget to like and share this below and get the whole FIFA community discussing and testing. We also found a video from ROS5iHD –!/ROS5IHD using zero chemistry team players out of position and still winning. As linked below ours.

Link to youtube video direct if can’t see video above (mobile etc)

Link to youtube video direct if can’t see video above (mobile etc)

ROS5iHD zero chemistry online tournament campaign