FIFA Ultimate team of the week 12

FIFA Ultimate team of the week 12

FIFA Ultimate team of the week 12 is one of the best in FIFA17 Ultimate team so far. 90 Sanchez, 89 Reus, 87 Costa are all beasts. Two powerful CM or CDMs with 88 strength too in Nainggolan and Carvalho. If you manage to pack any of them or 90 Ramos you will have a top player to use or sell.

We think the value this week is 83 Manuel Fernandes. Brilliant defensive and attacking stats and Flair trait. Also has distance shooter as a speciality to go with his 88 shot power. Should be able to pick him up for less than 30k coins and less when markets are low. Click on the players below to see their full details and current price.

fifa ultimate team of the week 12
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