FIFA Ultimate team of the week 18

FIFA Ultimate team of the week 18

FIFA Ultimate team of the week 18 features 87 rated Nainggolan with amazing stats. If you are lucky enough to pack him or buy him you are in for a treat. The guy is a total beast in defence and attack. Is he worth such a big spend compared to his regular card? Maybe not unless you want to compete with teams using Pogba etc.

Kane now has an 88 rated third in form but even with powerful stats would anyone other than Spurs fans choose him over Lukaku? With lack of skills and weak foot might not be tempting enough. Another 87 rated Lacazette is in TOTW though those who did the SBC to get him probably aren’t interested. Again with 3 star weak foot but does have lots of pace and dribbling with 4 star skills making him much more dangerous. Arnautovic looks like the player to get this week. 6ft 3 and 4 star skills and weak foot now with some beast stats!

FIFA Ultimate team of the week 18
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