FIFA Ultimate team of the week 13

FIFA Ultimate team of the week 13

FIFA Ultimate team of the week 13 has 90 rated Higuain and 84 Vardy. Higuain would be an animal with 4 star skills but at 6ft and 99 heading accuracy still dangerous. Vardy now ith 90 finishing makes him popular with the pace abusers. Therefore he will have a high price and only worth having if packed.

We think the value this week is 85 Brozovic if slightly expensive. Ok defensive and insane attacking stats with plamaker and longshots trait. Also has distance shooter and dribbler as specialities to go with his 96 shot power. One thing people forget about is stamina and he has 92 so he keeps on running up and down. Click on the players below to see their full details and current price.

FIFA Ultimate team of the week 13
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