FIFA Ultimate team of the week 21

FIFA Ultimate team of the week 21

FIFA Ultimate team of the week 21 is totally awesome lets face it. Worth opening a few packs from coins if you have a few spare. Where do we start TIF 88 Lukaku just makes him even more powerful. Not many defenders will stop him if any! 92 Hazard and 88 Mertens rival Messi with their insane stats. Reflected in their prices so not the bargains of other TOTWs.

With lots of other beast players you might get lucky and have an 87 Hamsik or an 87 Mkhitaryan who both look like beasts. 85 Cuadrado will be even more dangerous with higher pace and dribbling. Worth keeping an eye on his price to use. SIF Sokratis is always going to be amazing and another keeper option to use with him in 86 Sommer. One of our favourite players

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