FIFA weak foot tip

Improve at FIFA using players with stronger weak foot

You can use this in any of the FIFA modes but we find it more useful for Ultimate Team. To test we went to play a game offline in challenge mode against a friends team. Then we had time to stop the game and go into team management to see which midfielders and strikers had 4 star weak foot or higher. We found players like Gerrard, David Silva and Eto didn’t. The last two only having 2 stars.

We played against the friends team offline trying difficult passing and purposely trying shots with the weaker foot. Comparing the players with 4 star or more weak foot rating to those with 2 star rating. It quickly became obvious that those with higher rating for weak foot could pass better when in tighter positions and less space and time. Also shooting the players with higher weak foot were able to get more shots on target.

So we made a note to drop them and looked to rebuild a team full of attacking players with 4 or 5 star weak foot ability. We used the database as on the price guide page – to find out which players had 4 or 5 and were the best overall.

Since making these changes we have won lots more games and our play has been better. Having confidence in our players to shoot on either foot has really made a difference for finishing. Especially with finesse shots which are harder in 12 than in FIFA 11.

Here is our page of strong weak foot midfielders –

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