FIFA18 news and videos

FIFA18 news and videos

Check out the latest FIFA18 news and videos. Firstly from the EA Play event we have the FIFA 18 videos showing some of the gameplay and new features. You can watch a recording of the EA Play coverage at the bottom of this page explaining what is new. There is quite a lot of information to break down. The new cover star for FIFA18 is Ronaldo. Used for the motion capture in game for movement and skills he also has a role in The Journey, Ronaldo is everywhere. Check out the 1st FIFA18 gameplay trailer below.

FIFA18 Esports

This year sees even more importance on competitive FIFA. EA have created more events and tournaments working with clubs around the world. FIFA players (you) will have the chance to represent your real life football team in official competitions. Clubs around Europe such as PSG and Roma launched Esports teams. Signing some of the best FIFA players. Hashtag united and FUTWiz have also set up Esports teams. FIFA Ultimate team has become the new mode for competitive gaming and in FIFA 18 there will be even bigger EA tournaments and events.

FIFA18 icons

As you will have heard there will be FIFA icons on PS4 XboxOne and PC. Legends exclusive to Xbox have now been removed. The 1st icon is Brazilian Ronaldo and on June 12th 4 more icons will be revealed! We will add them to twitter and on the site as soon as we know.

FIFA18 The Journey

The new mode from FIFA17 has been expanded. A bigger more immersive experience and Alex Hunter now moves into different leagues. Giving new experiences and options for you as the player. EASports have managed to recruit lots of big names in the football and media world to be part of the mode. Including as mentioned Ronaldo. Watch the new trailer below.

FIFA18 gameplay EA Play highlights

Here is a recording of the EA Play event which we showed live on the website. If you missed it or want to watch it again the FIFA18 section starts at 4:46:42 (should start there). Interviews with the creative director and lead gameplay designer with video. The biggest gameplay changes so far! FIFA18 uses a new animation engine Real player motion technology. Which allows fluid movement and response to give a much better animation range. Dribbling is improved with what EASports are calling explosive movement. Meaning players can burst past other players with quick movements. Through balls and shooting have also been tweaked and the ball grips the ground a lot more.

Check out the every detail of FIFA18 news and videos on the EASports FIFA 18 website.