How to win at FIFA13

The FIFA holy grail, how to win at FIFA13

Now obviously FIFA13 is more difficult to win games because we have learned about the ELO system – and also because it allows people to contain and counter attack. But there are still lots of things you can do to increase your chances of winning.

The FIFA tutorials and help on the site give you more than enough information to become a much better player and win more at FIFA. Be able to play like those people you curse and just think are lucky. Below is a round up of key points from across the site with some very handy tips thrown in. Follow these rules and within a few weeks you will be a better player.

Big tips to win more games

1. Try to play FIFA between 4pm and 7pm UK time week days and before 3pm at the weekend. Then there are far more people online and more inexperienced players. The later you play the more experienced the opponents are likely to be. Even if the ELO tries to match you against similar skill level at these times the players will be weaker.

2. From what we have seen the divisions in Ultimate Team is easier than the tournaments. Usually because a lot of opponents won’t need to win the game, they will be starting their league or mid way through. In the tournaments people are desperate to win to try to get the coins.

3. FIFA13 has some kind of hidden way of calculating confidence of players during the game. So now and again play a few easy passes around the players to help them build it up, this is the same for all modes. In Ultimate Team always make sure your players have very high morale at the start of every game.

FIFA controller settings!

These are essential to help you improve your game. Most people don’t even change these!!! If not comfortable with manual passing for through balls or lobbed pass keep these as assisted. Also if struggling on crossing try fully assisted but if getting used to manual lob better to have this semi. In FIFA 13 EA decided to disable passing power assistance which you could argue would help better players. However due to dodgy connections and gameplay (maybe EASFC server related) it can mean passes go badly wrong.

Step 1 – Preparation – outside the game

  • Create a comfortable gaming area with your favourite music playing in the background
  • Don’t play if in a mood or worrying about something
  • Relax when playing, don’t grip the controller tight
  • Don’t press ready ready ready as soon as poss, take your time, press after a few seconds, watch your team come out of the tunnel ready to win! (remember our 27 seconds start rule for games helps stop disconnects anyway)
  • Feel like you are a FIFA legend and watch your players perform better
  • If you have lost a few games recently your mind will be weaker. Make it stronger by going into offline/exhibition mode and destroy some teams using amateur level

Step 2 – Preparation – inside the game

  • Very important in FIFA. When using any team or player in the game you have to know their strengths and which foot they use to pass and shoot. This increases your chance of playing better with them
  • For example if your player can do 4 or 5 star skills that gives you really helpful quick moves to beat players. Check our list of 5 star skill players for example. Some players are fast or stronger or have a really good long shot. You need to know this!

  • Use a formation you are comfortable with and know how it works. So you know where players will be on the pitch
  • Try the different tactics such as high pressure and counter attack in some games online and offline where you aren’t bothered about result. Get to know these and how they work
  • In Ultimate team make sure the morale of the players is 90 or above. This is more important than chemistry of the team and can help you win at fifa13.

Step 3 – Gameplay

  • Use the dribbling backwards technique when you have the ball (LT+RT or L2+R2). Stop moving and roll the left stick backwards while holding them (not sprinting)
  • Learn to trap the ball when receiving pass – left trigger (LT or L2) Important now first touch in game
  • Learn to knock ball into chosen direction away from defender – small left stick, large right stick.
  • When playing forward to strikers feet try the dummy thru the legs and run in the direction of ball. Right bumper for dummy
  • When playing to improve make more simple passes around the team to gain confidence in yourself. Play it back to a defender and back to the wing and back inside. You are in control of the game (this also helps the actual players in the game as above)
  • Know the controls for skill moves so you select the right ones
  • Don’t try the same moves all the time unless they are working against someone. So don’t always try lobbed thru ball or skills or running down wing. Vary your play and get used to using different attacking styles. Make sure you read our attacking section. Especially note in sections 8 and 12 through balls and Dribbling and pulling away.
  • When defending try to move in front of the player with ball using both triggers (LT/L2+RT/R2) and use right bumper (RB/R1) to make another player run over to help out. Use our defending guide for full detail.
  • Set up custom tactics to make your defenders hold back and put less pressure on (only saves in H2H) –
  • Learn how to win headers to help score and defend at corners.

If you start to improve and win at fifa13 let us know on our twitter @fifaaddiction and facebook.

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