Price locking in FIFA

Price locking in FIFA

What is price locking in FIFA?

You might have heard of players being price locked or price fixed in FIFA Ultimate Team. So what does this mean and how do people do it. Basically it means every card of a player has been bought and then all of them put up for sale at a higher price. You will notice price locking in FIFA happens all the time even with the price ranges.

The example above Alanzinho is a silver 5* skiller so probably quite desirable but in a weak league for squad building meaning his price was 2k for months. At various times 1 person or a group of people have decided to buy all the Alanzinhos on the market and then put them all back up at 90k. Maybe a few people or 1 person using several accounts. The accounts are usually quite new when you look at the time they were created. This hints at separate accounts somebody has set up.

Also some people stream them these days and the only person guaranteed to make coins is the streamer. Because they buy lots of a player then decide to price fix, everyone in the stream starts to buy at higher and higher prices until they run out of coins. Then other people who actually might want the player don’t want to pay 90k. So they all sit there not selling. However those who sold at 10 – 30k as the scramble started will make quite a lot of coins. A dangerous game to get involved in so be smart.

So why do people price fix in FIFA and does it work?

People try to price lock a player who is quite expensive anyway in that position due to them being quite rare. Usually silver players are the most price locked players. Because there might not be many players in that position from a certain country or league. When people are building bronze or silver teams often they only have a few choices of player. So if one has lots more pace or skill they will want that player. The FIFA traders know this and try to price lock them often.

Expert traders know people will usually pay more for these players so if they have all of them to sell they can decide what people have to pay. If they don’t sell at the higher price they can put a couple up at a time slightly lower in value so people think they are getting a good deal. When in reality they will still be paying more than the value before the price lock.

Does price locking work? Well if someone is very rich on Ultimate team they can keep buying all the lower value cards people put on the market. Forcing others to buy at their price. So in theory it works. However they are against lots of other clever traders. If other traders notice price locking they might try to buy lower ones which appear on the market. Saving them, and then releasing lots of theirs slightly lower. As you will have seen on our tweets and “how we made a million” page we have picked off lots during price locks and simply sold them straight away slightly higher. A few k profit on 20 or so players = fast easy coins.

So should I try to price lock? Will I make coins?

We don’t recommend it as it is lots of hard work sat staring at the screen trading. The people doing them spend hours every day making coins from the game usually to sell the actual coins or buy amazing teams. We recommend you pretend to build different bronze and silver teams in different leagues or all from same nation. Then quick search for the players that fit that team and you will soon start to spot players. Just make a note of them and once you have a list to check often keep having a look. Even if not being price locked a lot usually have quite high value so you can look for bargains.

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