How to master passing in FIFA

How to master passing in FIFA

Here is a must have tutorial on how to pass in FIFA. You will become much better at passing in FIFA by following these guides. Same for FIFA17 FIFA16 FIFA15, 14, 13 etc. We all love and hate FIFA mainly due to one issue. Passing! It has frustrated so many people including ourselves and this is the only way we have been able to make it work well for us. The FIFA 1-2-3-4 passing method combined with learning the passing meter and indicator. Here is the FIFA passing tutorial with full video below explaining in detail with online footage of us hitting 90% accuracy.

FIFA passing settings – step 1

Make sure if play offline to practice switch off passing power assistance in the controller settings. Otherwise the game will select the right power for you. Which would be fine but power assistance is switched off online. So you need to get used to it off.


FIFA passing power – step 2

The power bar and indicator. Sounds obvious but how FIFA passing works isn’t quite as smooth as it should be. When you have assisted passing on the game tries to decides things. Which is dangerous as we all have found. Especially when there is also passing power assistance too. Which is always off when online. This means you have to press the button for what the game thinks is the right amount of time for a perfect pass. We recommend going into offline matches on beginner level and pass and pass and pass until comfortable that you can get the green power bar close to the white indicator. As you can see below Hummels might get his pass to the player he wants but it could be intercepted as button wasn’t pressed long enough to hit the indicator.


FIFA 1-2-3-4 passing method – step 3

Decide if you are going to pass to nearest player (no1), next player distance wise (no2), or the next guy further away but in direction off pass (no3), or the furtherst player (no4) if 4 in a row on the pitch. It may sound simple but it is slightly harder to master than you might think. Also easy to confuse the passing power meter which has 4 sections with the number of players in a row (up to 4 at any one time). We are going by the number of players so if we want to pass to 3rd furthest player from us in same direction we say 3. While adding the right amount of power for it to get past players 1 and 2. So below we want to pass it to the player on the edge of the box missing out the player closest. We say 2 in our head and make the pass. This will mean you can create better chances being able to pass to the player in the most dangerous position.


How to master passing in FIFA video

The video below shows the steps above and how such simple techniques with practice can make you a much better FIFA player. We know it isn’t always that simple online with lag and button delay and strange gameplay. But lets not worry about that here. We have many pages on how to help solve those issues and the causes.