FIFA 18 Defending tutorial


FIFA 18 defending tutorial. How to defend in FIFA 18

Our FIFA 18 defending tutorial shows all the techniques and tricks to improve at defending. Really is as important in FIFA 18 as attacking. Become skilled at defending and you have a good chance of beating more experienced players or more importantly those with stronger teams. Make sure you learn to jockey using LT/L2 and running jockey same but with RT/R2 same time. Most of the points we make are shown in the excellent video by Boras shown on this page.

FIFA Defending sections

FIFA Controller settings

The key settings for defending in FIFA 18 are shown below. Change autoswitching to Airballs so you have to manually change players unless in the air when it picks the player the ball is heading for. Autoswitching move assistance means when you change to a player they keep moving slightly in the direction they were facing rather than simply stopping. Analogue sprint also useful when defending because your player reacts to the amount you are pressing the left stick to move. Also make sure have tactical defending set for if you play offline to get used to the game online. Online it always uses tactical. Legacy = FIFA 17 defending


Then you need to know the defence buttons on your controller. By default classic settings are as shown here. If you use alternative all that changes are sliding tackle with Tackle/Push Pull.


How to switch players in FIFA

Pressing LB/L1 will switch to the player nearest the ball. However you can change manually to a different player defensively by flicking the right stick in the direction of the player you want. Get used to this so you are always in control of the player you want. Especially if defending a break away counter attack and needing to select a deeper defender to start them running the opposite way.

How to contain and jockey in FIFA – Same in every version

This is very important for FIFA 18 because defenders turn slowly naturally. Below features a helpful video EA brought out for FIFA 16 showing how to use 2nd man contain and Jockey. As per the image above you can contain (make your player track the opponent player with ball). Press A on xbox or X on Playstation to make your player stand in front of the opponent with the ball. Your player will move in the same directions you dont even need to move the left stick. The video below shows how to use teammate contain allowing you to control a player further away from the play. Leaving the computer to defend for you. This can be useful but you need to know when to do it. Some great examples in the Boras defending video tutorial on this page. Some good examples and video in our defending crosses and corners tutorial pages too.


FIFA 18 defending video

The best FIFA 18 defending video from Pro FIFA player @Hashtag_Boras

How and when to tackle in FIFA 18

Boras FIFA 18 tutorial shows good examples of tackling timing and techniques. In FIFA 18 you can now power up tackles and slide tackles similar to shooting. There are four main parts to tackling,

1. Lunging, 2. Push and pull, 3. The tackle, 4. The slide tackle.

If there is a gap between you and the player with the ball pressing tackle will actually make your player lunge at them with his leg. This is best when in front of a player running at you or if you are running towards the player from an angle and quite close. Make sure if further away to hold down tackle button before releasing. When too much of a gap or you don’t press long enough your player will lunge at space and his leg will be stuck out meaning you can’t control him quickly again. Sometimes players do this themselves if you aren’t controlling them and it makes it easier for attackers to run round them.

Using push and pull and sliding tackles

If running along side a player or behind them you can use the push pull button (usually same as shoot) to try knock them off the ball or pull their shirt. This is best used outside the box and mainly against wingers to put them off their cross. Can also be used to try stop players shooting but the animations of the game might mean you give away a free kick or penalty!

Sliding tackles are an art you should practice. You can use the left stick to curl your feet round a player to make a tackle. It is even more effective with better players. If running along side press the left stick in same direction while pressing slide tackle and then curl the left stick round in the direction of their feet as if your foot is wrapping around the ball. Otherwise slide tackling is more useful for cutting out passesand blocking passes. Make sure not last man we don’t recommend sliding in the area.

Reading your opponent in FIFA

Easier than it sounds you say ha. Well maybe it is. As soon as you see 4-3-3 formation with three very quick forwards I think you can guess that your opponent will be looking to use pace and not be bothered with delicate build up play. If so you can drop your players deeper using custom tactics or even push them higher up the pitch and press players more with offside set. Make sure you check out our new bigger custom tactics pages with videos.

If your opponent charges players at you in groups then try longer balls and 1-2 plays around them. For people who use wingers make sure your formation allows the cover and you use our defending crosses page with video.

When your opponent parks the bus there will be space in midfield to run into. Make sure you know which of your players are good at longshots and shoot from outside the box. There are lots of long distance shooters in FIFA 18 for various prices.