FIFA player work rates

fifa player work rates

How important are FIFA player work rates?

We are often asked how important are player work rates in FIFA? The answer is yes FIFA player work rates are very important. There is no best work rate for each position as it all depends on your team, formation and tactics. The work rates compliment your style of play so the more you understand them the better.

FIFA work rates make a difference to how your players attack and defend. The positioning, reaction and speed of movement are all affected. A reason why in real life some defenders move forward all the time to play almost like a holding midfielder. David Luiz was a good example although calmed down a bit these days and his work rates are medium attack medium defence. Used to be high attack in previous FIFAs. Lots of fullbacks on FIFA 18 have high attack so make sure try to tell them to stay back when attacking in player instructions if want them to stay deeper. Defenders and Defensive midfielders with low attacking work rate and high defensive will do a more defensive job for your team helping you stay stronger defensively. If you attack and score lots this might not be a problem.

FIFA work rate test

We decided to test 2 players against each other with simlar speed and attacking position but different work rates. One famous player for many reasons is Balotelli. He is one of the few players in FIFA 18 with low low work rates. We think this is a bit harsh after a good season in France but he isn’t watched as much now.

balotelli fifa 18

Even better we noticed his strike partner at Nice has very similar stats with different work rates. An identical attacking position is perfect as you can see opposite. Rather than create an Ultimate team we could now just use Nice in a game and see how they both react in game. Below you can see Plea has high medium work rates. If you play a style of football where your strikers are on the shoulder looking for the through ball Plea will suit your game more than Balotelli. If you like to pass and build up Balotelli could be a good option as strong too.


FIFA 18 work rate example video

Here we see how Balotelli and Plea react in an attacking situation. We could show lots of examples but basically the high work rate makes Plea move quicker into space than Balotelli.