How to defend corners FIFA 18

How to defend corners FIFA

How to defend corners FIFA 18

This guide and our video show how to defend corners FIFA 18. Defending the corner is similar to defending the cross. You don’t need taller stronger players but that will help. Look for tall CDMs with aerial ability good at headers if defending v high rated players.

STEP 1. As quickly as possible change to a player near the corner taker. Run him away from the box. You can flick the right stick towards the player to do this.


STEP 2. Don’t press anything as ball being crossed in and it will autoswitch to correct defender. As the ball is dipping down onto the striker and defender press the left stick away from the direction of the cross and press shoot holding LT/B.


In this example you would hold the left stick down. If your player is facing the corner he will flick it backwards if challenged by a striker or simply clear it out of the box. Again we recommend you watch the video and practice the timing of the jump.

How to defend corners FIFA 18 video

This video will help you in every version of FIFA and it applies to real football too. The video shows the techniques on this page including stopping the cross and winning the headers.

The header was won but notice the direction the header goes in. Even though the left stick was aimed down the ball cleared to the left up the pitch.


FIFA 18 tip hold LT when heading

Holding LT for some reason helps win more headers. Been the same in recent FIFAs and obviously the coding of the game takes it into consideration. Also we always use the shoot button to head the ball for clearances.