How to defend crosses FIFA 18

How to defend crosses FIFA

How to defend crosses FIFA 18

This guide and our video show how to defend crosses FIFA 18. Crossing is a good way to score this year and there are lots of fast wingers about with big strong strikers ready to win headers. Don’t need big strong defenders but look for tall CDMs with aerial ability good at headers if defending v high rated players.

First off try to stop the cross! Player 3 in the diagrams below is running towards the ball as player 4 runs down the wing. He will collect the ball and then try to put the ball ahead of player 4.


So the best thing to do with people who love crossing is put a player in the space ahead down the wing to block access.

We are controlling player 1 so to manually change to the defender number 2 we need to flick the right stick in that direction. Once we have control of player 2 we run him towards the corner flag filling that space.


Then your opponent won’t try the through ball to the winger but might pass it to him. So you will end up with a player in front of him. Usually they will then cut inside so you change to the player inside by again flicking right stick towards him. If he still tries to run down the wing hold 2nd man press so your defender nearest corner flag jockeys him. If he cuts inside you now have control of the player to break down the play or next pass.


FIFA 18 Defending crosses and corners video

This video will help you in every version of FIFA and it applies to real football too. The video shows the techniques on this page including stopping the cross and winning the headers.

How to win headers in FIFA 18

STEP 1. Make sure controlling a player away from the area. Best one is closest to the crosser such as our player marked 2 below. If you think they are going to fake and cut inside hold 2nd man press and switch to the next closest player. Labelled 4 in the image. Only do this if your defender inside does not have a striker to mark. So in the example above he has a man to mark and you should not switch to him unless lots of cover.


STEP 2. When ball being crossed don’t press anything until the ball is dipping towards the two players. Then press the left stick the same direction the ball is going in away from the crosser and press shoot (don’t just tap it). Your defender will try to flick the ball behind him jumping into the striker. If more space he will just clear it out of the box. The video above shows this technique in detail and how well it works.

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