How to defend your area FIFA 18


How to defend your area FIFA 18

Defend your area FIFA 18. More difficult than we could have imagined this year. Defenders don’t turn as quickly as attackers so you have to jockey more to try stopping quick dribbling players.

In our example below we have a good defensive shape with an eye on all 4 of our opponents players. Best to start of manually jockeying the player with the ball until you see what your opponent starts to do. If you have a chance to tackle then all good but if you miss the tackle there could be gaps and players pulled out of position. So try to keep a strong defensive line.


From jockeying player 1 we manually changed defender using right stick to flick it towards number 2. Then held Team mate contain to keep 1 jockeying. If his player on ball was facing box he should try a lob through ball to man running through. He would need to do that quick and if he did we would go for tackle or slide with our player 1.


But he cuts inside so we move number 2 forward to edge of box to block a run or shot. This also means his striker is offside so less options for passing. We can then switch manually our player 4 to approach the player with the ball.


FIFA 18 defending tips video

As covered on the main defending page these defending tips will help you defend your area with the techniques we suggest on the page

FIFA 18 defending area tips

  • Bring back midfielders to cover the edge of box and between the centre backs.
  • Try team mate contain around edge of box and move players manually to cover the gaps in the middle covering runners.
  • Don’t worry about balls to the wing we cover that in our defending crosses page
  • Don’t dive in when last 2 defenders, force player to try get round you for shot.
  • When opponent tries 1-2 just drop your defenders back and run towards your goal before facing up again by pressing jockey button.
  • Be aware of long shot opportunites for opponent. ALways try jockey or run in front of the player with ball.