FIFA Free kick tutorial

FIFA free kick tutorial

FIFA free kick tutorial. How to score free kicks in FIFA

Freekicks in FIFA 17 are something you need to master for when you get them. If you can score most free kicks then you have a good chance of beating your opponent. Our FIFA free kick tutorial will help you score them. Also it could be the difference if the game is tight or they have attempted to park the bus!

When defending free kicks you can also move the wall towards the taker by pressing Y (Xbox) or triangle (PS3). Careful not to get booked! Or make the wall jump by pressing A or Cross. And if you move defenders into the wall and then press RB or R1 the player will stay in the wall and you can move another player around.

Aiming free kicks in FIFA

Generally you want to be aiming for just outside the the corners of the net as this is the point furthest away for the keeper and therefore the hardest place for him to get to the ball and stop the shot. The ball also will naturally curve so make sure aim further away to compensate. You can then go high into the top corner or low and below the keepers when he dives for the greatest chance of scoring although from closer range a medium high will beat the keeper most of the time if you place it far enough away from him.

Adding ball spin in free kicks FIFA

Ball spin is one of the key parts of scoring. By default a right foot player taking a free kick will bend the ball to the left and a left foot player to the right. This is the natural curve. If you want to make the ball dip you push towards goal with left stick. If you want the ball to rise you hold the left stick away from goal. If you want to make the ball curl more than it would naturally to the left or right you hold the left stick in that direction. Don’t let go of the left stick until the ball has gone into the net or been blocked or saved. You can also combine dip with curl. So dip and curl to the left hold the left stick diagonal top left for example.

Selecting a free kick taker

Use the best free kick taker you have to make the process easier. To see who is most likely to succeed, look on the free kick selector menu once you have a free kick by holding RT. Select a player with a high FK accuracy, 80+ is usually good, as getting the kick on target is your main priority. A high power and curve stat can also be beneficial. Some players also have specialities which include free-kicks so USE them! Some also have power free kicks such as Naldo the Brazilian centre back.

How to score free kicks in FIFA 17 videos

Look at this brilliant free kick tutorial from @OvidiuPatrascu a Pro FIFA player. Showing how to score from the various free kick techniques in FIFA. As we know in FIFA using skills or trying to run past people you can gain lots of free kicks in various positions so good to know the best ways to score free kicks.

Power Free kick in FIFA

To do a power free kick simply hold LB/L1 when you are taking the kick to hit a low, powerful free kick towards goal. This is more successful with straight free kick takers as they will be running onto the ball from a more direct approach allowing them to hit it with the top of the foot to add more power. This type of free kick can be used at distance but is most useful at medium range so you can bend it round the wall, 20-30yrds.

FIFA trick free kick

Also here is one to try in FIFA which is old but fun. Very hard to master so practice. Hold left trigger so two players are stood next to ball. Then press pass button so the 2nd player passes the ball to the side not forward. The player running to hit the ball press left trigger and tap shoot. Timing is key to get this to work so only try it in games when you are confident.

Different types of Free kick in FIFA

There are various combinations and fakes. This video from FIFA 13 explains lots in good detail and will be useful in all FIFAs.