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FIFA Penalties tutorial. How to score penalties in FIFA 17

Penalties in FIFA 17 are a mess so you need to do the following. Practice them without the arrow!! This is because the arrow doesn’t always appear. Better penalty takers have a better chance of scoring but you still need to practice. As with shooting you can use the finesse button to curl the ball. Hold right bumper while pressing shoot (remember power will be less). Also you can use lob pass button to do a chip shot, hold left bumper while shooting. Like with Free Kicks lots of arena practice will help a lot. To the right are the EA tutorials and also our two techniques to beat keepers.

Here are the sections for Penalty taking:

A good guide for success

Add the power first (don’t touch anything else yet), 2 bars is good for all situations (1/2 power), you can go a bit more or less but this is a good point to aim it in case you over or under shoot.. as soon as power locks in, you then hold direction for a count of ‘1 and 2 and’…. as hes starts to take it – depending on the speed of your count you may need to adjust this slightly if the ball is going too high or too low but at a steady pace that will about correct. After the second ‘and’ release the stick and let the computer do its work!!


Quite straight forward the more power you add the less likely the keeper is to stop it if gets a hand to it. However their is a danger of the ball flying over the bar or wide. We would only recommend using 3/4 power max. If the penalty taker is extremely good such as Ronaldo. They can hit lower powerful shots above 3/4 and still have good chance of scoring.


Use the left stick after you have selected power. The guide above gives you the 2.5 second rule. This is still a good rule for any amount of power and any type of shot finesse/chip/stutter. Basically move the stick to where you want it to go in the goal. A bit like using a crosshair. In the arena you can practice with the direction showing holding the left trigger. This will get you used to placing your shot.

Stutter penalty

Feeling bold in a Champions league final penalty shoot out? Try a stutter penalty when the composure bar has small green area and the marker is moving faster than a Bugatti Veyron (something very fast). This technique can be used by pressing the shoot button again as the player starts to run to the ball. Only the top flair players should try this unless you become very good at it. Try combining with finesse for more accuracy at first.

Excellent penalty technique v any keeper

The key with this technique is the timing of the left stick. Hold the shoot button without moving the stick until the required power. Then just after releasing the shoot button move the left stick to your preferred place in the goal and keep it held there. This technique locks the shot within the goal. I prefer to go top right or top left without finesse but can use it if preferred.

a) Without finesse select 60 to 70% power. Let go and move left stick to direction and hold it there.

b) Hold the finesse button and select 70 to 80% power (no more) without pressing anything else. Then let go and hold the left stick in direction.

If you move the left stick before releasing the shoot button your shot wont lock inside the goal and will go wide. See video to right. Still use this same technique in every FIFA.

Secret penalty technique v human/pro keepers

Following the guide for success above and aiming the left stick up for the direction. This makes a human/pro keeper useless if he dives or stays in the middle. If he doesn’t move watch him fall over as the ball goes over his head. Highly amusing! Your opponent will very rarely push up on the stick to save a shot down the middle.

FIFA 17 penalty tutorial video

The best video to learn the penalty skills above and see how to score is this one from @inceptionxx. A brilliant FIFA player.