FIFA Shooting tutorial

fifa shooting tutorial

FIFA shooting tutorial. How to shoot in FIFA

Shooting across the keeper, long shots, finesse shots on the edge of box are all strong. As well as just placing it low in corner with a small tap of shoot button. Keepers now save lots of shots with their new animations so if you are up against a really good keeper you will find scoring harder.

Here are the sections for Shooting:

Shot preparation

To have the best chance of your shot going where you want your player needs to be ready to shoot and moving a little slower in FIFA 17. It’s just like real life you can’t shoot as well if off balance, facing wrong direction or being hassled etc. With driven shots using weaker foot isn’t usually as bad as when trying to finesse. More on finesse in the next section. Try to steady your player before shooting by tapping left trigger (LT or L2) on its own just before shooting. If being hassled when running a tap of the right bumper on its own will stop your player instantly and face goal. Then you can get your shot away as the defender continues running. If running at pace hit shoot button while the ball is a little bit in front of your player. For higher accuracy and control try to move the ball to the side of the players stronger foot and nudge it into a little bit of space ahead.

Finesse shooting

Press RB/R1 and shoot button to do a finesse shot. This means the player will shoot with the inside of his foot and curl the ball into the corner. The key to finesse shooting is knowing which foot the player uses to shoot with! Easy for players you know such as Messi left foot, Ronaldo right foot. The reason this is important is because a player trying to shoot using finesse with their weak foot will usually fail to score. So if you are playing any game of FIFA know your players. Usually people use left footed players as the right striker and right footed players as the left striker. They then have more angles on their side of the pitch to shoot from. Good places to use finesse are one on one with keeper and the edges of the box. You can also add aftertouch to really curl the finesse into the corner.

Driven shots

In FIFA 17 these are harder but still effective with better players. Especially those with long shot trait. When using a driven shot you need to decide on power against accuracy. Just tap shoot twice and your shot will be medium power which should keep it low. Experiment with power as everyone has a different touch pressure wise on the pad. As a guide look to use less than half power in the box and up to three quarters outside the box. You will find driven shots are really effective shooting at the near post. So if the keeper is standing slightly to the right of the goal aim left stick to the right of the goal.

Direction and aftertouch

Unfortunately we haven’t mastered manual shooting and doubt anyone else has. We have tried but think lots more training is required or EA to explain if it actually works and how. However direction and aftertouch still apply to semi and assisted shooting. More than people realise. For direction as you are powering up with the shoot button push the left stick in the place you want it to go in the goal. So if you are attacking left to right diagonally up right with the stick is top left of the goal.

Then let go of stick and shoot button and as your player makes contact with the ball you can add aftertouch. You need to move the left stick slowly rather than flicking it fast. Roll the stick in a semi circle from bottom to top (of your attacking direction) if looking for maximum curl with some dip. The following images give examples of where to move the stick to add aftertouch. To see them bigger click on them and then click on the image thumbnail which appears.

You will notice that if you knock the ball on with the right stick further ahead you have more time to direct and then prepare your aftertouch. If you have space I recommend it as the curve and dip you can create really adds flair to your shooting and increases the ball speed.

Long shots

In FIFA 17 same as 16 you need players with high shot power or long shot trait. So look out for them and get them in your team. To keep the shots down hold the left stick towards goal just after releasing shot button. Or away from goal to make the ball rise. Also need to slow down in space and press shoot then let go of everything. Players with long shot trait outside the box are a big weapon to have. You will score lots of long shots from outside the box with the right players.

Use fake shot or a skill

As mentioned in the secret fifa skills section the fake shot is a very useful skill to make space for a shot. To beat players and also to beat the keeper. Especially pro keepers who will be expecting finesse shots when they see the fake shot motion. Then you can power a shot to the other side or even roll it in if they dived. Using fake shot also makes the ball move diagonally in front of your player which is the ideal shooting position. You can get more accuracy and add more aftertouch if there is space between the ball and striking foot. Make sure you fake from the weak foot onto the stronger foot unless a world class player or pro.

Also practice different skills before shooting. If one on one lots of the skills can help you beat the keeper. Side stepping, heel to heel flick, mcgeady spins, heel chop, even flicking it over your head. Find your favourite and try it before shooting. if our FIFA shooting tutorial helped make sure to follow us on twitter and tweet it out.