FIFA Throw-ins

FIFA15 throw in

Taking throwins FIFA18

Amazing how many people don’t know about the various options for throw-ins. This is the same for all versions of FIFA.

This very good tip is in the manual which maybe you should read some time. From the throw in aim for a player but rather than throw it press the left bumper (LB or L1). You are now controlling the player you were aiming at not the thrower. You can move that player anywhere on the pitch and the thrower will follow his movement. Now you have a few options. You can throw it to the player using the methods below or you can press the left bumper again. Now the player will move around as normal and you are controlling the thrower only again.

FIFA Throw-in styles

Power bar determines how far the player will throw the ball. However just tap the button and if the player is far away but in space the ball will still get to them quite quick.

To throw the ball low press pass button.

To throw the ball high and longer press lob button.

You can also do a through ball throw where the receiving player won’t naturally stand in the way of the ball. Good for launching attacks down the wing. Use through ball button for this.

FIFA Throw-in tip Ultimate team

If you have a player with long throw trait don’t take the throw in and eventually the player taking it will drop the ball so your player with long throw can come over and take it. Works great if near box and wanting to launch it like a corner. Or for getting rid of ball if under pressure in own half.