FUT Bargains

FUT Bargains FIFA 17

A new big section for FUT bargains in FIFA 17. We test players in lots of games different formations and styles of play. Ultimate team is all about the players you use and knowing about their strengths. Especially the traits and specialities of the players that you can’t see just looking at their card.

We have tested these players in game and gathered their accurate stats and traits in game (popular sites like FUTWIZ and FUTHEAD have traits and specialities wrong for weeks until their databases update). FUT bargains should be players anyone can afford even near the start of FIFA when prices are high. We know lots of players drop heavy in price towards the end of the FIFA game season.

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When looking for cheap FUT17 beasts there are lots to consider for each position, however stamina and injury prone are important for all players. Therefore we will take this into consideration when making a decision. We test the players in lots of games not just a few to make sure they play well in different formations and teams. Also added FUTBIN link for each player so can see current lowest live price. As usual the FUTHEAD and FUTWIZ links.

Below are the links to the best FIFA16 Ultimate team bargains compared to others who cost a lot more coins! Under 10k we will consider as a bargain player but usually the players will be under 5k. Please keep suggesting more and we will test them and add if agree @fifaaddiction is our twitter linked above. Prices change all the time so we might remove or add players during the season.

Bigger FUT bargains section in FIFA17

Because we are expanding the bargain players section to cover lots more players we have split this up into leagues. All the main leagues and then the others on the same page. Here are the quick links to the pages that you will also see in the menus.