Russian League FUT bargains

Russian League FUT bargains

Below are the Russian League players we think are cheap beasts in FIFA16 Ultimate team. The Russian league is less popular so very good players have affordable prices. Under 10k usually under 5k, even at the start of FIFA16 when prices are high. We test players in lots of games not just a few, trying them in different formations and tactics to see how good they are. If they consistently perform well they will make it onto the list. Traits and Specialities are important in FIFA and we look at these closely. Please note these are usually wrong on the FUTWIZ and FUTHEAD sites at the start of FIFA. Takes them a while to update them. Ours below are taken direct from in game not a database. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @fifaaddiction to keep up to date with everything we do including Ultimate team.
All players currently being tested if we find any more Russian league bargains in FUT16 will add them below.

Bargain players FUT16 Russian League (SOGAZ)

As we have said the prices in the Russian League in Ultimate team are much lower than in the major leagues. So we highly recommend building a Russian league team if you are on a budget. Maybe with central defenders from another league or nation which gives you enough chemistry. This is because they just lack top centre backs even though have a great keeper. Doumbia will join this list when his value lowers a bit.

musa fut16

Musa FUT16 76 ST CSKA Moskva – Nigeria

5ft 6, 95 acceleration, 92 sprint speed, 90 agility, 88 balance, 82 dribbling, 82 jumping, 80 stamina, 79 attack positioning, 78 shot power, 78 finishing.

3 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: speedster, acrobat.

Musa in FIFA16 is similar to 15, very very quick and great at dribbling turning direction. Makes him a very dangerous striker in Ultimate team. We have scored lots of goals with him and used those 4 star skills and dribbling to beat a few players along the way.

Musa FUTHEAD – – – Musa FUTWIZ – – – Musa FUTBIN

promes fut16

Promes FUT16 80 RW Spartak Moskva – Holland

5ft 9, 89 sprint speed, 87 agility, 86 acceleration, 83 long shots, 82 ball control, 82 dribbling, 82 jumping, 82 shot power, 80 stamina.

4 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: flair, long shot taker.

We love using Promes in FUT16 certainly one of the best Russian league FUT bargains so far. Beats players for fun and can finish too. With skills, weak foot, pace long shots and flair he is going to be suprising a lot of opponents if you use him. We love finding players like this in Ultimate team.

tosic fut16

Tosic FUT16 80 RM CSKA Moskva – Serbia

5ft 7, 90 sprint speed, 87 acceleration, 87 dribbling, 85 ball control, 84 agility, 84 free kick, 80 long shots, 79 finishing, 79 attacking positioning, 78 short passing.

3 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: dribbler, long shot taker.

Tosic is a great player in FUT16 and again is so cheap because of the league he is in and Nationality. Fantastic player for dribbling round players and scoring great goals.

Tosic FUTHEAD – – – Tosic FUTWIZ – – – Tosic FUTBIN

joaozinho fut16

Joaozinho FUT16 79 LM FC Krasnodar – Brazil

5ft 5, 94 balance, 94 agility, 92 sprint speed, 91 acceleration, 83 jumping, 83 penalties, 81 vision, 80 short passing.

4 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: speedster, acrobat, long shot taker

Joaozinho is a very fun player to use in FIFA16 and Ultimate team. So small and agile it is like using a small Messi beating players and dribbling. With the sills and weak foot to get into positions to shoot his long shot trait is a big weapon.

Eremenko fut16

Eremenko FUT16 82 CAM CSKA Moskva – Finland

6ft 1, 90 stamina, 88 vision, 87 volleys, 86 short passing, 84 ball control, 83 long shots, 82 curve, 81 acceleration.

4 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: playmaker, engine, long shot taker, outside foot shot

Eremenko is one of the best players on FIFA16 and a must have bargain on FUT16. We bought him for 1000 coins which is unbelievable given how good he is. Height, amazing stamina, ball control and passing. Then look at those traits and speciailities!! With 4 star skills and weak foot. FIFA god

danny fut16

Danny FUT16 82 CAM Zenit St.Petersburg – Portugal

5ft 10, 86 ball control, 85 short passing, 85 dribbling, 85 curve, 84 sprint speed, 84 agility, 84 acceleration, 84 vision, 82 attacking position, 80 long passing.

4 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: flair

Danny is great bargain for FUT16 and Portugal links are another bonus. Has stats of a high rated player and great for beating players or playing that killer pass. Again 4 star skills and weak foot make him a beast CAM

Danny FUTHEAD – – – Danny FUTWIZ – – – Danny FUTBIN

boussoufa fut16

Boussoufa FUT16 80 CAM Lokomotiv Moskva – Morocco

5ft 5, 92 agility, 91 balance, 84 dribbling, 84 stamina, 84 acceleration, 84 vision, 82 short passing, 81 crossing, 80 long passing, 80 ball control.

3 star weak foot and 5 star skills. Traits and Specialities: acrobat.

Boussoufa is a beast on FIFA16. We kept drifting past players with slight direction changes and throwing in some skills too. He performs like a cheap Messi Having 84 stamina also a big plus as can still attack later in games when players get tired.

witsel fut16

Witsel FUT16 80 CM Zenit St. Petersburg – Belgium

6ft 1, 85 interceptions, 85 stamina, 83 dribbling, 83 short passing, 81 reactions, 81 penalties, 79 strength, 78 shot power, 78 long passing, 78 vision, 78 aggression.

3 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: flair.

Again in FIFA16 Witsel is a beast. Has everything you would want from a box to box midfielder and feels like an 85+ rated player. With high stamina and great ball control he can attack defend and break up play. Good height and the longshots make him a danger to any opposition. Use him anywhere you want in midfield in any formation. A must have if using Belgian or Russian league teams.

fernandes fut16

Manuel Fernandes FUT16 77 CDM Lokomotiv Moskva – Portugal

5ft 9, 85 ball control, 85 long passing, 84 short passing, 84 vision, 83 acceleration, 83 long shots, 83 shot power, 83 dribbling, 83 aggression, 82 agility, 81 standing tackle, 81 sprint speed.

4 star weak foot and 4 star skills, Traits and Specialities: flair, long shot taker

He has gone down 2 ratings in FIFA16 but his stats are even better than they were last year and now 4 star skills! A total animal to use in Ultimate team one of our favourite players. We picked him up for 700 coins which is unbelievable value.

smolnikov fut16

Smolnikov FUT16 80 RB Zenit St. Petersburg – Russia

5ft 10, 90 sprint speed, 84 acceleration, 83 stamina, 83 marking, 82 short passing, 81 standing tackle, 80 crossing, 80 agility, 80 reactions.

3 star weak foot and 2 star skills, Traits and Specialities: none 🙁

Very quick right back who can also cross. Solid stats all round and we loved how good this guy was attacking and defending. Lots of stamina too he kept out some top wingers in games for us. Top right back.

mario fernandes fut16

Mario Fernandes FUT16 79 RB CSKA Moskva – Brazil

6ft 2, 85 marking, 83 standing tackle, 83 sliding tackle, 83 sprint speed, 81 stamina, 79 agility, 79 acceleration.

3 star weak foot and 2 star skills, Traits and Specialities: none 🙁

We love tall defenders who are strong at tackling and Fernandes is a solid defender. Very high tackling and marking stats can easily play as a CB if you bring him on from bench 😉 Or even from start if not fussed about 9 or 10 chemistry for players.

criscito fut16

Criscito FUT16 80 LB Zenit St. Petersburg – Italy

6ft 0, 86 stamina, 83 standing tackle, 83 sliding tackle, 83 agression, 82 acceleration, 82 sprint speed, 80 marking, 79 ball control.

3 star weak foot and 2 star skills, Traits and Specialities: none 🙁

A great bargain left back in Ultimate team. Has the tackling and the pace and high stats across the board. Great player on the ball too. Proving again how much value there is in the Russian league.

denisov fut16 b

Denisov FUT16 76 LB Lokomotiv Moskva – Uzbekistan

5ft 10, 86 stamina, 86 acceleration, 83 sprint speed, 77 sliding tackle, 76 marking, 75 standing tackle.

3 star weak foot and 2 star skills, Traits and Specialities: engine, long throw in.

Another great bargain left back in Ultimate team. Has two key things for your team, engine trait meaning he can run all game and long throw in. These make a big difference and good pace. Not as powerful in tackles but worth having.

garay fut16

Garay FUT16 83 CB Zenit St. Petersburg – Argentina

6ft 2, 88 marking, 87 standing tackle, 87 interceptions, 86 heading accuracy, 85 strength, 82 sliding tackle.

3 star weak foot and 2 star skills, Traits and Specialities: none 🙁

One thing the Russian league lacks is beast centre backs. Garay makes the bargain list as his tackling and heading are insane. You need to cover him with quick fullbacks and a quick centre back though.

Denisov FUTHEAD – – – Garay FUTWIZ – – – Garay FUTBIN

akinfeev fut16

Akinfeev FUT16 81 GK CSKA Moskva – Russia

6ft 1, 85 reflexes, 83 diving, 78 positioning, 79 kicking, 50 speed.

3 star weak foot and 1 star skills. Save style: traditional Traits and Specialities: long throw, team player

Russian league isn’t the strongest for keepers but as these are bargain players Akinfeev is a very good purchase. Made lots of saves for us and we loved his long throw for counter attacks.

guilherme fut16

Guilherme FUT16 78 GK Lokomotiv Moskva – Brazil

6ft 6, 83 reflexes, 82 diving, 75 positioning, 72 handling, 58 speed.

2 star weak foot and 1 star skills. Save style: acrobatic Traits and Specialities: long throw.

So big and dominated the box every time for us. Not usually a fan of acrobatic style keepers but it makes his 6ft 6 frame more agile. Again long throw helped with accuracy and attacks.

These are our Russian League FUT bargains we hope you use them if on a budget or even if not. If you do and enjoy make sure to tweet out the page below or share on facebook etc. We have added much bigger sections this year testing more than ever.

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