Serie A FUT Bargains

Serie A FUT bargains

Below are the Serie A (Italian League) FUT bargains we feel are great value for money in FIFA16 Ultimate team. This is probably the strongest league to build a bargain team which can win lots of games for you. Prices under 10k usually under 5k. We test players in lots of games not just a few, trying them in different formations and tactics to see how good they are. If they consistently perform well they will make it onto the list. Traits and Specialities are important in FIFA and we look at these closely. Please note these are usually wrong on the FUTWIZ and FUTHEAD sites at the start of FIFA. Takes them a while to update them. Ours below are taken direct from in game not a database. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @fifaaddiction to keep up to date with everything we do including Ultimate team.
All players currently being tested if we find any more Serie A FUT bargains in FUT16 will add them below.

Bargain players FUT16 Serie A (Italy)

Serie A has amazing value beast players in FUT16 with some of the best midfielders on the game and Doumbia is back at Roma! Seriously we can’t find many better players than some of these and we will be sure to let you know which below. Serie A is a little low on quality strikers but we have another solution there. If you build other more expensive teams make sure you add a couple of these players to your bench!

mandzukic fut16

Mandzukic FUT16 83 ST Juventus – Croatia

6ft 2, 90 heading, 88 aggression, 87 jumping, 87 strength, 85 finishing, 85 attacking position, 84 reactions, 83 shot power, 82 volleys.

3 star weak foot and 3 star skills. Traits and Specialities: Aerial threat, strength, power header.

If you are good at crossing or play 2 strikers Mandzukic is a very good powerful striker. With 90 heading and 87 strength he will score headers for fun against most defenders. Especially with the traits! If he has a shot in the box he will score most times with 85 finishing, and you can play longer balls to him to hold up or flick on.

jovetic fut16

Jovetic FUT16 81 ST Inter Milan – Montenegro

6ft, 85 dribbling, 84 curve, 84 penalties, 83 shot power, 83 reactions, 83 aglity, 82 ball control, 82 short passing.

4 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: injury prone, flair, long shot taker.

A great cheap striker in FUT16 same as FIFA15 with lots to offer. Strong passing dribbling and shooting make him an ideal partner for a fast or powerful striker. Get him free in the box and will usually score, curve really helps his shots find the corner of goal. Can also drop deeper into midfield and be used as a CAM but we prefer him in the box to beat players and shoot. Being 6ft scores headers too. We love players with flair to make angled passes and flicks, also love long shots!

menez fut16

Menez FUT16 81 CF AC Milan – France

6ft, 87 ball control, 87 sprint speed, 86 dribbling, 85 acceleration, 84 agility, 84 penalties, 81 finishing, 80 curve.

4 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: dribbler, injury prone, flair.

4 star skills and weak foot with his speed and dribbling make him a very dangerous striker. Have used him a lot and has scored many goals. Excellent finisher on ground and in the air. Only has 68 stamina so have a sub ready for 70th min change or use his sprint cautiously. Again flair is very useful and dribbler trait makes him beat players easier.

Menez FUTHEAD – – – Menez FUTWIZ – – – Menez FUTBIN

totti fut16

Totti FUT16 80 CF AS Roma – Italy

5ft 11, 90 short passing, 90 ball control, 90 vision, 90 penalties, 90 volleys, 88 shot power, 87 long passing, 86 long shots.

3 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: distance shooter, long shot taker, one club player, team player.

Now many of you will be shocked with this choice, 34 sprint speed!! However look at all those stats in the 90s. If you can get hard working players around him you can easily use Totti as a playmaker and he will score lots of goals too. Powerful shots from outside the box with the traits go in the net all the time! Also penalties which he always seems to score. Strikers with pace or good positioning love Totti as his passes are usually perfect.

Totti FUTHEAD – – – Totti FUTWIZ – – – Totti FUTBIN

candreva fut16

Candreva FUT16 83 RW Lazio – Italy

5ft, 11, 93 stamina, 90 shot power, 90 crossing, 88 penalties, 87 acceleration, 87 ball control, 87 long shots, 86 dribbling, 85 sprint speed, 83 curve, 82 vision, 82 reactions, 81 short passing.

4 star weak foot and 3 star skills. Traits and Specialities: dribbler, distance shooter, crosser, power free kick, flair, long shot.

Candreva is an amazing winger and makes a brilliant striker from the bench. Beats players for fun with his acceleration and ball control. Not missed a penalty with him and has so many high stats and with that stamina and shot power he is a total beast. Must have player in Serie A or on bench of any other team for that matter. The traits boost everything we said above. Amazing!

cuadrado fut16

Cuadrado FUT16 83 RM Juventus – Colombia

5ft, 9, 94 sprint speed, 92 acceleration, 90 dribbling, 90 agility, 84 ball control, 83 shot power, 80 long shots, 80 stamina.

3 star weak foot and 5 star skills. Traits and Specialities: speedster, dribbler, acrobat, power free kick, long shot taker.

Any player with 90+ pace and 5 star skills is a danger on FUT16. Has the dribbling, agility and ball control to beat players then the shot power to score. As ever the traits make all these much better and him more dangerous. Much better player in FIFA than in real life.

perisic fut16

Perisic FUT16 81 LM Inter Milan – Croatia

6ft, 2, 85 volleys, 83 shot power, 83 crossing, 83 acceleration, 83 jumping, 82 long shots, 81 attacking position, 80 dribbling, 80 reactions, 80 heading accuracy.

5 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: finesse shot, flair, power header.

Another very good winger with high stats everwhere. Creates lots of goals from the wing and scores lots of goals when comes inside. 5 star weak foot and flair enables him to pass from any angle too. finesse shot very useful for scoring 1v1. Tall and good in the air so tell him to get in the box. Helps at corners and set pieces as well.

asamoah fut16

Asamoah FUT16 79 LM Juventus – Ghana

5ft, 10, 87 shot power, 84 dribbling, 83 long shots, 83 acceleration, 83 agility, 81 balance, 81 sprint speed, 81 stamina, 81 ball control.

3 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: long shot taker.

With high attacking and defending workrates Asamoah is a great player to make your team stronger in both halves of the pitch. Has an awesome powerful shot so anywhere on the edge of the box can smash goals in. High stats everywhere and produces the goods in every game. Brilliant player.

hamsik fut16

Hamsik FUT16 83 CAM Napoli – Slovakia

6ft, 86 short passing, 85 ball control, 83 attacking position, 83 vision, 82 dribbling, 81 curve, 81 reactions.

4 star weak foot and 3 star skills. Traits and Specialities: long shot taker.

Hamsik is always good in FIFA and certainly is in FUT16. The thing we noticed most is how he always makes great runs into the box to score goals. Add long shots and high passing accuracy and you have a beast of a player. Also tall too for headers.

nainggolan fut16

Nainggolan FUT16 83 CM AS Roma – Belgium

5ft 9, 94 stamina, 90 aggression, 87 interceptions, 87 slide tackles, 85 standing tackle, 85 short passing, 84 balance, 83 shot power, 83 attacking position, 83 long shots, 83 reactions.

3 star weak foot and 3 star skills. Traits and Specialities: engine, tactician, long shot taker.

Nainggolan is one of the best players on FIFA, simple as. He has insane stats in defence and strong stats in attack. Add 94 stamina and he is a beast all game. Only 3 star weak foot and skills but his stats are so good you notice him big time in games. Also has longshot trait which is always good on FIFA and tactician means he bosses games.

mertens fut16

Mertens FUT16 82 CAM Napoli – Belgium

5ft 7, 93 agility, 92 acceleration, 92 balance, 87 ball control, 87 dribbling, 86 sprint speed, 85 curve, 82 vision, 82 long shots, 82 free kick, 81 short passing.

4 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: dribbler, acrobat.

Mertens is like a cheap Messi with his agility, balance and dribbling. And he scores goals too make use of his curve stat buy doing finesse shots. 4 star skills are great for smaller agile players as they can beat defenders for fun. With good passing long shots and 4 star weak foot Mertens is a dangerous player.

pereyra fut16

Pereyra FUT16 81 CAM Juventus – Argentina

6ft 0, 91 stamina, 86 dribbling, 85 ball control, 85 agility, 85 sprint speed, 85 acceleration, 84 curve, 83 short passing, 82 vision.

4 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: dribbler, engine.

Pace, dribbling, agile and has skills and weak foot making Pereyra a really good attacking midfielder. He also scores goals too which shocked us given he only has 66 finishing. 91 stamina and High work rates really show in FIFA16 and Pereyra really performs better because of this.

hernanes fut16

Hernanes FUT16 81 CAM Inter Milan – Brazil

5ft 11, 86 ball control, 86 long shots, 85 short passing, 85 free kicks, 84 vision, 83 curve, 83 dribbling, 82 penalties, 80 crossing, 80 long passing.

5 star weak foot and 4 star skills. Traits and Specialities: flair, long shot taker.

Hernanes has some high attacking stats but also some very low defensive. Used him lots in central midfield with very good passing and his 5 star weak foot makes a difference. His medium work rates keep him from getting too far forward or holding too far back and his long shots are brilliant. Also has flair trait which again with 5 star weak foot increases his passing range. Also has a good cross.

guarin fut16

Guarin FUT16 80 CM Inter Milan – Colombia

6ft, 92 shot power, 90 strength, 90 long shots, 88 stamina, 85 aggression, 84 dribbling, 82 short passing, 82 free kicks,81 ball control, 80 vision.

3 star weak foot and 3 star skills. Traits and Specialities: engine, distance shooter, strength, power free kick, long shot taker.

Another hard working great all round player in FUT16 Guarin is another beast. 92 shot power and 90 long shots is insane for an 80 rated player. With the long shot trait too his shots are deadly. Also like many Serie A midfielders tall too which is good for attacking and defending set pieces. Look at those traits! Guarin is a machine basically total beast.

lulic fut16

Lulic FUT16 78 CM Lazio – Bosnia & Herz

6ft, 91 stamina, 85 sprint speed, 84 shot power, 83 acceleration, 82 crossing, 80 dribbling, 80 reactions, 79 long shots, 79 aggression.

4 star weak foot and 3 star skills. Traits and Specialities: engine, finesse shot.

We love Lulic, another tall midfielder who is strong in all areas and scores goals too with his finesse. High workrates with stamina allow him to get forward and track back. His 85 sprint speed makes this even more effective. Finesse shot gives him an edge when he gets through on goal with high shot power too. Can also put in a good cross so good as a wide CAM too. Great midfielder on FUT16.

Lulic FUTHEAD – – – Lulic FUTWIZ – – – Lulic FUTBIN

de rossi fut16

De Rossi FUT16 83 CDM AS Roma – Italy

6ft 1, 89 interceptions, 85 standing tackle, 84 stamina, 84 strength, 84 heading accuracy, 84 aggression, 83 sliding tackle, 81 shot power, 80 long passing, 80 reactions.

4 star weak foot and 3 star skills. Traits and Specialities: tactician, one club player, team player.

De Rossi is a boss in FIFA16 and makes a good captain. Powerful, tall, strong and great tackler to break up play and pass it. Has the stamina to keep going too which is key in FUT16. Not our favourite cheap CDM in Serie A but worth having in the squad and always reliable.

medel fut16

Medel FUT16 81 CDM Inter Milan – Chile

5ft 7, 92 stamina, 92 balance, 91 aggression, 90 jumping, 86 strength, 85 interceptions, 83 standing tackle, 81 reactions,79 marking.

4 star weak foot and 2 star skills. Traits and Specialities: tactician.

Medel is one of our favourite players in FUT16 for CDM. He bosses midfield and we have yet to find many players that get past him 1v1. In the air too even though just 5ft 7 he wins headers. He is very strong and with 92 stamina he keeps going all game breaking up attacks and starting ones for us. Others have better stats in various areas but never had a bad game with him. Must be the combination of high stats shown above!

Medel FUTHEAD – – – Medel FUTWIZ – – – Medel FUTBIN

melo fut16

Melo FUT16 79 CDM Inter Milan – Brazil

6ft, 91 aggression, 85 strength, 84 heading accuracy, 84 jumping, 81 standing tackle, 80 sliding tackle.

3 star weak foot and 3 star skills. Traits and Specialities: flair, power header.

Melo is our favourite bargain CDM in FUT16. Can use him as a CM too as has all round high stats. Brilliant in the air winning headers. Every game he stands out winning tackles breaking up play and then also scoring goals. Really does seem that shot power is more important than finishing. Just strike hard at near post and likely to score goals with Melo.

Melo FUTHEAD – – – Melo FUTWIZ – – – Melo FUTBIN

radu fut16

Radu FUT16 79 LB Lazio – Romania

6ft, 87 marking, 86 standing tackle, 85 interceptions, 84 sliding tackle, 83 jumping, 79 aggression, 79 shot power, 78 sprint speed, 78 reactions.

3 star weak foot and 2 star skills. Traits and Specialities: long shot taker.

Very solid left back with decent pace and very high tackling stats. Hasn’t let us down yet and played lots in our Serie A teams. Has a decent long shot too if trying to get a late goal and pushing players forward.

Radu FUTHEAD – – – Radu FUTWIZ – – – Radu FUTBIN

montoya fut16

Montoya FUT16 79 RB Lazio – Romania

5ft, 9, 88 stamina, 87 sprint speed, 84 acceleration, 83 balance, 83 shot power, 81 sliding tackle, 80 aggression, 79 agility, 79 interceptions.

4 star weak foot and 2 star skills. Traits and Specialities: none.

With his stamina and pace we like using Montoya to cover slower centre backs. With lots of fast wingers and strikers around usually a good idea to have some pace at the back. Decent tackling stats and is actually good on the ball too which helps when creating attacks.

ghoulam fut16

Ghoulam FUT16 78 LB Napoli – Algeria

6ft, 2, 84 stamina, 84 sprint speed, 81 crossing, 80 sliding tackle, 80 shot power, 78 standing tackle, 77 acceleration.

4 star weak foot and 2 star skills. Traits and Specialities: power free kick, early crosser, giant throw in.

Good pace and stamina with decent tackling. Being 6ft2 helps defend set pieces and corners. Also know your players… he has giant throw in trait so when wanting to use it do nothing and the game will change to him by default. Then you can launch it away from goal or into the box etc.

castan fut16

Castan FUT16 82 CB Roma – Brazil

6ft, 0, 87 standing tackle, 86 sliding tackle, 85 interceptions, 84 strength, 84 marking, 84 aggression, 81 jumping.

2 star weak foot and 2 star skills. Traits and Specialities: tackler.

Great tackling and interceptions with good work rate and pace. All you need from a centre back really and can use with Brazilians too. Solid defender for under 1000 coins absolute bargain. We also like a left foot CB on the left.

cacares fut16

Caceres FUT16 81 CB Juventus – Uruguay

6ft, 0, 93 jumping, 87 standing tackle, sliding tackle, 87 marking, 85 interceptions, 85 agility, 83 acceleration, 80 aggression, 78 reactions.

2 star weak foot and 2 star skills. Traits and Specialities: tackler.

One of the best centre backs on the game and only rated 81 and so cheap! Has crazy high stats where it matters so is a no brainer in any bargain Serie A team or higher rated team too. Wins headers for fun and wins most tackles. Has the pace too amazing card.

Perin fut16

Perin FUT16 81 GK Genoa – Italy

6ft 2, 90 reflexes, 80 diving, 78 handling, 78 positioning, 71 kicking, 57 speed, 52 strength.

3 star weak foot and 1 star skills, Save style: acrobatic. Traits and Specialities: none.

One thing you definitely need in FIFA16 is a good keeper. Perin is the one bargain keeper we have seen stand out in Serie A. Lopez at Milan does a decent job but Perin makes so many amazing saves. Seems that reactions are key in FIFA16 for a keeper. He has been like a cat for us pulling off save after save.

Perin FUTHEAD – – – Perin FUTWIZ – – – Perin FUTBIN

These are our Serie A FUT bargains we hope you use them if on a budget or even if not. If you do and enjoy make sure to tweet out the page below or share on facebook etc. We have added much bigger sections this year testing more than ever.

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