FUT Trading Guide

FUT Trading Guide how to make coins

Our FUT trading guide on how to make coins in FIFA Ultimate team. Many of you made coins over the years looking at our trading blog
FUT 17 trading blog. Basically gives lots of tips and tricks and players to buy and sell for profit in FIFA Ultimate Team. For FIFA 17 Ultimate team we are making the section bigger and better.

To make coins trading in FUT17 make sure you check the site often

It is very difficult to make player suggestions because as soon as a few people start buying and selling the same players the prices become too expensive so you have to check often and look out for tweets – @fifaaddiction. You will also notice people price locking players at a certain value which forces people to pay much higher if they want the player. We don’t try to create this in the markets as it ruins the game a little. Read our blog on FUT price locking if not sure what this is.

Check the advice section on making a million coins in FUT too as that tells you how to make money for yourself rather than relying on other people to tell you which players to buy and sell. It is easy to make coins following those rules.

Also check our video below on trading that we made for FUT13 which is relevant for every version of FIFA. No different in FUT17 as the same trading method is guaranteed to work for everyone. You don’t even have to sit trading for hours.

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