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FUT trading guide FIFA 18

Best FUT trading guide with links to pro traders. We make 1 million coins minimum every FIFA just casually trading. You can make enough coins to have good players without buying packs etc and trade your way to Inform players. Might need to trade a little harder to pick up Suarez, Bale, Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo but something to aim for longer term. With SBCs (squad builder challenges) it is now even easier to make coins in FIFA Ultimate team.

FUT trading Tips and tricks FIFA 18

The best way to casually make lots of coins is to save any 83 and higher rated players. There are lots of cheap ones but any from the bigger leagues will always be needed for SBCs at some point. So a player going for 1k will suddenly start selling for 5 to 10k. Likewise In Forms which were 10k will suddenly be 20 – 50k.
Remember good player prices usually drop around the time of the TOTW (Team of the Week) on Wednesday. They will also drop like crazy now for Throwback Thursday where EA are creating icon SBCs and putting them in packs. Prices drop heavily before and during TOTY (Team of the Year) in January or TOTS (Team of the Season) near the end of the football season. When the in form / TOTY / TOTS players come out people sell their decent players to be able to buy the new ones. You can check player prices live on our FUT player prices page.

  • The first few days of FIFA Ultimate team player prices are generally much lower as people start the game and open packs
  • BIG PROFIT – Look for players people will need for squad building challenges. See if can find any cheap to sell on. 83 rated and higher players and In Form players from top leagues especially.
  • Make make money from kits! Buy and sell the best kits on FIFA18 if low on coins. Pick up for less than 250 and sell for 1000 to 4000. Generally the best looking kits will go for most money.
  • Make coins from Manager league cards. Search in Consumables, Manager Leagues. You can pick up the Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga and Serie A for just 300 coins but they sell for 1000 coins as it is hard to search for them so people buy the first they see.
  • Also create bronze or silver teams from different leagues and find players with pace and 4 star skills. As you are building it look out for any players who are in short supply on the market. Add to watch list and monitor them. Chances are if you were looking to buy them then others will too. These players are most likely to be price locked/fixed. Which means someone with lots of coins decides to buy the page of players and then put them all back on the market at a high fixed value – explained on our blog – http://fifaaddiction.com/4047/price-locking-in-fifa
  • A reminder of our double inform trick

    We brought you the double inform trick years ago and can still work. Not quite as obvious these days but worth trying – http://fifaaddiction.com/2422/double-inform-trick

    Don’t forget our Making a Million guide where you can make coins without having to rely on others to find players for you! Throughout FIFA you can make coins using techniques in the video “trading to 1 million”. We have made 50k easily just in a few days following it. Basically build a cheap to average price team and play it and sell it at the end of playing. Put all players up for sale a few k higher. If you sell most of your players each time you play that is 10-30k profit every time you play FIFA. Along with the other tips you will easily make coins.


    As above buying on Wednesday and Thursday players will be lower generally. Then sell at the weekend when higher. Real life games can affect prices. If Aguero scores a hat-trick in a game his price goes up. So you can almost trade within games. Be aware of SBCs and always check player prices before you do anything.

    Try to buy SBC players before or as soon as it starts. Before they go up. We will try to tweet any we think are coming. Basically any players in popular leagues rated 84 or over will rise in price if needed for an SBC. If you can store them.

    Our FIFA 18 trading help blog shows videos and live streams from solid FIFA traders. So make sure to check that out.