Using CDM as CB in FIFA

Is a CDM better at CB on FIFA 13?

A strange question you might say but we decided to test it following a few wins in head to head using Yaya Toure as CB. Was it just that he is a great player or does it help on FIFA to have a more all round player at the back? So we went into UT and set up a Serie A based team using a CDM at the back. We decided to choose 77 rated Pogba from Juventus who gets just 5 chemistry. A very strong player with a good standing tackle but not blessed with blistering pace or heading. Although there aren’t many top defenders with sprint speed above 75 in the game anyway. High passing and dribbling with 90 shot power he should really be more of a CAM. We didn’t change to a custom tactic just used the default to make it a fair test.

Here is the video of our Division 1 campaign on Ultimate team. The previous attempt with Chiellini and Ogbonna fell short of the title so how would dropping one of the best defenders in the game for a CDM work out? Have a watch and see…

Pogba really stood out for us in this campaign as a rock at the back. Not many of the top strikers got behind him or ran past him so for us it worked. So does this mean everyone suddenly use CDMs in UT expecting to win Div 1 title after title? Probably knowing the fans desperate to win who follow us. We aren’t saying this is a secret of FIFA we just think there is something about using them that seems to work better. Maybe the better passing and strength is important. And it wasn’t a one off as we used CDMs at Arsenal, Man City, Newcastle and others in h2h seasons. With much higher win ratios than normal. So give it a try with a few CDMs and see if improves your game.