80150101 error on FIFA 13

Online pass issue with FIFA 13 and xbox live

This is only an issue on FIFA 12 and FIFA 13. EA realised it was creating an issue and removed it for FIFA 14.

First step try clearing your system cache – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAgNSBKt4e8

If still a problem or you receive the 80150101 error when trying to retrieve the online pass don’t panic. The file can easily be corrupted when lots of people downloading it. Try the following which usually helps undo the corruption and allows it to download ok. This blog also shows you how to install FIFA13 to hard drive for those who didn’t know how.

On your Xbox main menu hover over Play FIFA 13. Press X for game details. If there is an option to install then do it and come back to this point. So now you should have the option to Delete as shown to the right. Yes if you have just installed it you will have to delete it but has to be done. After deleting switch off your xbox and restart it.

Having restarted xbox need to check the install was successful. Go to system settings, storage, hard drive, games and apps. Scroll down until see FIFA 13. Make sure there is a picture of the game not an exclamation mark. If there is an error symbol it didn’t uninstall or install properly. So try a few times until picture appears. I would only try a few then take it back as faulty maybe take a picture on your phone as proof.

Now try to start the game again and you should see a message saying the online pass was corrupt. Would you like to download it again. Say yes and hopefully this time it will work. Potentially the EA Servers will be overloaded but it is a tiny file so should this time be ok. Enjoy FIFA 13!