Double InForm trick

Making big profits in FIFA Ultimate Team

Updated 27th March as we have now created a video for FIFA 13

This method requires – PATIENCE. These guides are not for desperate people wanting thousands instantly, getting annoyed at players not selling. They are for people wanting to make money in sensible ways. With this trick you are waiting for a human to make an error. It does happen as reported by our twitter followers after this page going live! We have also now released a video shown below on how it works.

Any player which has more than one In Form version of them can be used here but the most popular players are best. Make sure the position of the higher InForm is the same. In FIFA 13 EA started bringing them out in different positions such as Lucas shown here.


So for example Fellaini has an 82 rated InForm and an 83 rated Inform. We bought the 82 rated for 40k in an attempt to sell him for the 83 rated price. The key is to check the BIN (Buy It Now prices of the higher InForms and add your lower rated card with the same bin but with a less starting bid. Or to have an open bid which is much more than you paid but much less than the BIN of the other higher rated card on the market. We don’t recommend this with unpopular InForms but have seen IF 87 Alonso go for 900k so up to you how daring you get! Most popular will be famous players and those in the English Premier League. Watch the video below on how we sold Fellaini for profit and below that is when we tweeted out our 70k profit on Ramires in FIFA 12.

If video doesn’t display link to video on youtube –

Here is a link to our twitter announcement when we did this with the 81 Ramires. Bought for 43k and sold for 102k!!/fifaaddiction/status/155432487261188097/photo/1