FIFA 18 Questions answered

FIFA 18 Questions answered

FIFA 18 questions answered

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When is FIFA 18 out?

Q When is FIFA 18 released?

A FIFA 18 release date is September 29th across all consoles old and current gen and PC. Also the new Nintendo Switch release date for FIFA 18 is September 29th. If you buy the Ronaldo or Icon edition of FIFA 18 your full game is playable from the 26th September. Giving you 3 days early access.


Q How early can I play FIFA 18?

A You can play FIFA 18 on the 21st September on Xbox One using EA Access and on PC using Origin Access. These both give you 10 hours play of the full game and everything continues when the game is out on the 29th. Details below. Or as mentioned above the Ronaldo and Icon editions of the game start on the 26th September. These do not have a 10 hour limit.


FIFA 18 EA early access and FIFA 18 Origin access

Q When is FIFA 18 Early Access? How long can you play EA Access for on FIFA 18?

A Early access is only available on Xbox One worldwide on September 21st. Allows you to play the game for only 10 hours but all game modes are available and online. This includes Ultimate team where you can trade and play. Anything you save will carry over onto the full game. You don’t get any free packs for Ultimate Team with Early Access however you get 10% discount on FUT packs and FUT points for the whole of FIFA 18 using the same account. You can also download the full game digitally with a 10% discount. EA Access is £19.99 for the year or £3.99 per month.


Q When is FIFA 18 Origin Access? How long can you play Origin Access for on FIFA 18?

A Origin access is only available on PC worldwide on September 21st. It is the same as EA access on Xbox One and has 10 hours play. Origin Access is £19.99 for the year or £3.99 per month.


Q Where can I download Early access or Origin access for FIFA 18?

A There is an option on Xbox in the store when you look at FIFA 18. Or also for Xbox Early Access you can go to the website – and change the country to where you live. For Origin access you can go to the Origin website page here –

EA Access is £19.99 for the year or £3.99 per month (Xbox One only).
Origin Access is £19.99 for the year or £3.99 per month (PC only).

FIFA 18 questions answered

Q Does everything you do in FIFA 18 Early Access carry over to the full game?

A Yes everything you do across any of the modes continues into the full game. Once your 10 hours is up you will continue where you were in the full game. Such as career mode, head to head leagues, ultimate team etc etc.

Q Can you play with online guest in FIFA 18?

A Yes this was back in FIFA 15 and continues. So you and friends from the same console can play online against other people. This will be in h2h and Ultimate team.


Q What are the new skills in FIFA 18?

A Our new FIFA 18 Skills section has printable guides showing all the skills in FIFA18. We also have video tutorials in there too.


Q How do you do new celebrations in FIFA 18?

A Our FIFA 18 celebrations blog shows all the new and existing celebrations and how to do them.


What are the new FIFA 18 features

Q Are there new features in FIFA 18?

A The main new features in FIFA 18 are squad battles and FIFA icons. You can see more of both on our FIFA 18 Icons and Squad Battles blog. Ultimate team had lots of new features in FIFA 17 which isn’t surprising given the amount of money it makes EA. The Journey is bigger and career mode has more cut scenes with choices to make it more interactive. Lots of work has been put into ball control and passing trying to make the game smoother. The stadiums have more detail and especially lighting where you will notice the sun shining etc.


Q Do xbox360 and PS3 have FIFA 18 new features, Pro Clubs and The Journey?

A No unfortunately not the old gen consoles only have Legacy Edition FIFA 18. Which means the same game as last year with updated teams and players. There is no pro clubs or The Journey.


Q Are there any new Pro Clubs features in FIFA 18?

A Only very minor changes to the design of your club. Kits and emblems etc.


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