FIFA freezing issue

FIFA14 freezing fix

Lots of people on Xbox noticed the game freezing during early release. The game has just gone live across Europe and still reports. People have been trying everything to stop it and it seems the following combination of steps works for most people. We have also made a video showing the steps below and how to do them. Update added STEP 6 to try. Waiting for twitter feedback to see if that is the actual issue.

Step 1

Remove any FIFA14 AND FIFA13 content from your console including demo and Early access. We will show you why 13 in the video! Though try just removing 14 first if you really want to keep 13 for a bit.

To do this go to your Xbox menu and go into Games. Hover over FIFA14 Demo or Early Access (need to do both). Click the X button on pad and you have the option to delete.

Then in Xbox menu go to SETTINGS, SYSTEM, STORAGE, HARD DRIVE, GAMES AND APPS. Scroll down and click on Y button for any FIFA13 and select DELETE. Also for the FIFA14 demo and Early Access. Then go into the DEMOS section in the menu above. Remove FIFA13 and FIFA14.

Remove any Cloud storage (If you have it set up and use it) for FIFA13 or FIFA14 early access. Xbox menu go to SETTINGS, SYSTEM, STORAGE, CLOUD SAVED GAMES

Step 2

Clear the system cache of your xbox

To do this go to your Xbox menu go to SETTINGS, SYSTEM, STORAGE. Press Y button when on Hard Drive option. Select Clear System Cache. Select YES to the maintenance message.

Step 3

Install FIFA14 to your hard drive. To do this put the FIFA14 into console. In the Xbox menu make sure hovered over the pic of FIFA14 with the little disc icon. Rather than clicking it to play PRESS the X button to bring up Game Details. You then have the Install option which installs to the Hard Drive. You also saw the option there to PIN to Home. Do this when it has been installed. Then when wanting to play the game use My Pins rather than clicking on FIFA14 above it.

Step 4

Select NO to the Support Your Club option when loads. So Connect to your Club in real life by sharing on EAS FC etc is set to NO. You can also switch this off in the FIFA menus if already installed FIFA14 previously.
Go to CUSTOMISE top right, then ONLINE SETTINGS, then PRIVACY SETTINGS. Switch both Sharing with Friends and Connecting to EAS FC to off (people generally don’t care about it anyway EA!).

Step 5

Lots have said removing XBox live friends so there list is below 100 has worked in combination with the above steps.

Step 6

Switch off EA Music trax. In customise menu bottom right flick right stick twice and switch all tracks off.

EA are aware and investigating

If we hear they have fixed it will tweet it out and update this. Fingers crossed we can all enjoy FIFA14.

Feedback to their forum here if still experiencing freezing on Xbox or on PS3 (we don’t know of any on PS3 so far)