FIFA input delay fix

FIFA input delay fix

Our FIFA input delay fix will hopefully help people on Xbox suffering from input delay.

We aren’t talking about lag here. Lag is when you are running with a player and he stops and starts with pauses. Everything freezes when bad and you have to wait for the game to resume. This can also cause delays on movement and passing. We finally fixed that last year using a netduma router and you can find that on our lag fix page. Input delay is a different beast. When you play FIFA lots like we do you know what you want to do with the ball and when you want to pass it. You know when you want to shoot and which direction. When there is input delay all of the natural movement passing and shooting is not as it should be. The delay ruins the gameplay as you can’t play the game properly.

Our first piece of advice is never play any game where latency doesn’t show green and stay green. If it starts yellow or red and turns green… BACK OUT! Also we have found that doing the steps below the issue can return so you have to keep repeating them. Was fine for us for 2 weeks then had to do them again. For others only lasted a day.

The FIFA community have mentioned input delay for months

The FIFA community have complained for months on Xbox about the input delay. We will start by saying we reported this issue to EA in March 2016. Providing private video footage of the issues with commentary over the top explaining the problem. They blamed the connecton to opponent. Strangely they went quiet and now there are dedicated servers for FUT Champions so they can’t hide behind that excuse any more.

Our FIFA input delay fix

So on to the fix or should we say fixes. We know certain things create problems for FIFA. Now these steps worked for us and we now have good gameplay same as PS4, even in FUT Champs. Which is great as we know that winning games is more in our control. We can’t guarantee this will work for everyone. It should fix the Input Delay for lots of you not solve every gameplay issue that exists! Having tried an Xbox One and an Xbox One S and already done some of the steps on PS4. We asked @MattHDGamer to test it and it worked a dream on his main account. Improving his gameplay drastically same as ours. But a few pro players gave mixed feedback, one said worked well others said no different. Then Matt said on another account he didn’t notice any improvement. Given how good it has been for us and on Matt’s main account this has to be tried by everyone.

Step 1 Change profile permissions

fifa input delay fix

We suspected having seen the same issue on previous FIFAs on PS4 and Xbox that permissions play a big part. These are the permissions between Xbox live/PSN, the game and your opponent. We had already changed our xbox custom account settings to enable us to play Pro Clubs. Changing another setting meant no online modes worked. So this time we changed the overall setting to adult which allows all connections and sharing. Not ideal if you only want friends to see everything. Worth doing with the other steps below to potentially help have responsive FIFA gameplay though.

The setting is in All settings – Account – Privacy and online safety.

xbox controller update

Step 2 Update controller firmware

Now we stumbled upon this when going through all the various settings. And know that keeping drivers and firmware up to date always helps. Obviously we can’t undo updating the firmware from latest so we need to add this step into everything that we did. Especially as it could be a combination of issues contributing to the input delay.

The setting is in All settings – Kinect and devices – Devices and accessories.

fifa video settings

Step 3 Change video settings

We know different games, monitors and hardware have different outputs. By default the Xbox One has a 60hz output. Tick the box for allow 50hz. We know that things like sky boxes have 50hz and if they are output via the Xbox without this setting there is a similar delay to the input delay on FIFA. So maybe there is an issue with the game which isn’t the same on PS4. IF already set on switch it off, start FIFA, then go back and switch it on.

The setting is in All settings – Display and settings – Video output.


Step 4 Change FIFA audio settings

Something we have done in the past to help synchronisation. Turned off public announcer as found him annoying really. The more important setting is the music. Switch off the music by setting it to zero. We have tried switching off tracks in the past but they seem to come back on even when saved as part of your personal settings. Which leads nicely onto the next step.

fifa personal settings

Step 5 Delete personal settings file

Recommend you do this once a week so that your personal settings are synchronsied with the servers. For many years we have wondered if this file becomes corrupt or has issues synchronising with the servers. Therefore we have added it to various sections of the website in the past.

Don’t worry you won’t lose your ultimate team doing this. It just wipes your preferences for FIFA such as your controller settings and your preferences for the game. Re-start FIFA for these to be asked again. Then the file will update to the server and it will use the fresh file. If you have two Personal Settings files delete them both. Do not delete any other files!

The setting is in the FIFA main menu – Customise – Profile – Delete.

Now restart your console.

Thing we suspect cause issues

These are extras which we have done but Matt didn’t on his main account. His main account had great gameplay after the 1st 5 steps. He did the 5 main steps on another account and the result wasn’t good. But these are extra steps that we took if you want to try them.

fut oblak

Step 6 Get rid of potentially corrupt players

You might have noticed when you go to your trade pile that sold players now show No contracts and their stats are wiped clean. This didn’t used to be the case in previous FIFAs. For example their contracts changed in value and sometimes position even changed. This is because all players are tracked to provide their stats. When a person buys your player they then use them. The game obviously tracks their contracts and everything else including how they are performing while playing. But no longer tracks them in your trade pile. We reckon EA realised this created issues. If you buy a player their stats remain from when other people used them. Are we looking at this too deep or is there an issue with player stats and the EA stats servers recording them. We believe players can get corrupt in the process. Meaning a player can be like a god for you in one team and then hopeless in another. And we mean really bad so they stand out. We had the issue with Oblak 87 rated keeper at Atletico Madrid. In head to head he was amazing but in our Ultimate team he was awful. We got rid of him as part of our tests and replaced him with Navas who was brilliant. Later we bought Oblak again and he was immense. Maybe the answer is only buy fresh unused players and if they start to play awful every game get rid!

best fut stadium

Step 7 Choose the right stadium

We suspected this to be an issue a long time ago and it is the reason most players used stadiums with no rain or snow in FIFA Ultimate team. The game never played right in the rain or snow and fog became annoying too. Having mentioned this to EA they actually removed fog from a high percentage of online games. You will notice snow has gone too. However rain still exists even if it looks better now. Look at Inception’s video above and you will see water splashing from the players feet. We believe EA haven’t managed to code weather conditions very well in the game. So we advise using a stadium which has been in the game a long time and we know plays well. We use O Dromo stadium and have also used the King Fahd stadium.

Obviously opponents will use different stadiums but hopefully if everyone agrees only certain stadiums will be used.

best ball in fifa

Step 8 Choose the right ball

Seems a bit over the top this one but we notice the smaller detail. Why in other FIFAs did you used to see your opponents ball when playing away but now only see your own? Again we think EA found something here and we experimented using different balls. We only felt really happy with ones from the Catalogue. When you purchase them they appear for free in Ultimate team. We decided to use the Nike FA-Cup ball.

We hope this helps the community so they can enjoy Ultimate team again. FIFA 17 is one of the best so having good gameplay is the key factor in loving the game. If this brought happiness to your FIFA gaming make sure to follow us on twitter.