Secret skills in FIFA

Secret skills in FIFA

If you want to be better at the game you need to learn the secret skills in FIFA. These aren’t really secrets anymore but need special mention as most not told in manual or on FIFA and the more people we gave training to the more we realised lots were unaware of them. All of these are being added as videos in order to the right. Two at a time so the 1st video has First time flick and Rolling drag back fake and so on. Explanantions in the arena and then examples during online games on UT tournaments.

1. First time flick

The first time flick is extremely useful especially when a defending player is closing down. Any player can do it including useless pro club nobbas (term for inept club player).  Stood still as the ball is approaching hold left trigger (L1 or LT) and press right bumper (R1 or RB) just before ball arrives. Any player trying to win ball will not be able to get it unless they try to intercept. You can see if a defending player is moving to intercept so if they are don’t try this go get the ball before them.

2. Rolling drag back fake

Very useful indeed as not many people know about it or use it. Most people expect a pass from this and used on wing or before shooting can really confuse your opponent. While running hold left trigger and then press shoot and pass so your thumb slides across them. Same as when you do a fake shot. Only 5 star players can do this move.

3. Heel chop using fake shot or fake lob pass

One of the most useful secret skills in FIFA. Yes you can do this holding left trigger (LT/L2) and flicking right stick diagonally backwards twice but that takes longer and in pressure situations a heel chop can be deadly. This method you again hold left trigger and press shoot and pass as above or lob pass and normal pass. But this time flick the left stick at a diaganol forward and you will do the heel chop. Added to new skills section

4. Dribble boost

As we were tweeting out some of the tips from this page and others across the site a famous streamer @Bateson87 suggested one to us. He uses it in game regularly to get past defenders and we really like how effective it is. To do it you press both triggers L2+R2 or LT+RT depending on controller. Then move left stick diagonally forward slightly or just slightly left or right, let go of the triggers and just flick the right trigger (R2 or RT) in the direction you are running. Your player will look as if about to go left or right and then burst forward with pace. Really works well to beat players.

5. Double trigger without ball

This brings us on to the very effective double trigger without ball. Without the ball holding both triggers means you can move your player wherever you want. So as above if you think a defender is trying an intercept hold double trigger and you can move your receiver towards ball. Otherwise they will wait for it. Even if you are running towards the ball you can suddenly move away in a completely different direction. This is useful in a number of attacking and defending situations.

  • When a cross or pass into the box is coming in take control of the receiving player and move him with double trigger. You can really fox defences by suddenly pulling deeper for volley or closer for earlier header or strike. Likewise when defending a corner or long throw in you can move your player early to where you want to intercept the ball.
  • When running onto a through ball you can bend your run or make your striker approach the ball at a different angle to prepare for a shot or pass. The defenders will be confused. The most famous example of this is where Pele ran through for Brazil onto a through ball before suddenly bending his run away from the ball and round the keeper. Everyone follows him but the ball carries on straight. Now if he had been a better striker maybe he would have scored! See video to right. Try it on FIFA and see how magical a goal you can score.
  • If defending and wanting to let the ball roll out of play. Use double trigger and move your defender in the way of attacker. Otherwise EA like your defenders to follow the ball and touch it giving the opposition corners and throw ins.
  • From goal kicks you can move your player to get the best position in front of the defender or striker.

6. Fancy finishing

This is for really annoying your opponent and having fun yourself. You might have used fancy passing in games to show off or really upset the other player. Well try doing the same combination to shoot. This will work best if already round the keeper with an empty goal or if your player is about to receive a cross. Can also be tried for a 1v1 shot but very hard to score. The control is pressing R1 or RB and pressing pass. Simple as that. Fancy finishing will add some humour as sometimes the players will try diving headers when the ball is nearly on the floor in front of them. Be careful if other team mates around as they will try to fancy pass it to them instead of shooting.

7. Fake Rabona and Rabona shot

One of the favourite moves in FIFA for skill players the fake rabona. Most used by players sprinting down the wing. While the ball is ahead of player let go of sprint (right trigger) and then hold left trigger before pressing shoot, pass (as above) and holding the left stick in opposite direction. Follow the video on the right and practice in the arena. Once mastered you can use it in shorter spaces and fool your opponents with ease. It also looks the dogs nuts and can be turned into the Rabona Shot which looks even better!….

You have to do this quickly as soon as the normal fake rabona is finishing. Keep the left trigger held and hold left bumper too, pressing through ball button while aiming left stick at goal. Player has to be five star skill. Get it perfected and score some wonder goals.

8. 360 spin and exit (Waka waka)

This move might be a combination of others and I’m sure there are many combos but it looks very smooth and will raise an eyebrow from your opponent. We do it on kick off now and again just to intimidate our opponents. Have to be careful as a few wee their pants and quit. You can see how good it looks on the video to the right. Basically your player will spin round very quickly 360 degrees then smoothly drag the ball to the side. Not sure anyone in the world could do it but hey who cares.

To do it you have to be stood still, then hold left trigger, spin the right stick very quickly and then flick the left stick diagonally to the bottom right or left of the way you are facing. You have to do the flick just as the 360 spin is coming to an end. Your player will spin round quickly and drag the ball right or left quickly too. If you get it wrong you will usually do one of 3 other skills which don’t look too bad but you won’t know where the ball will end up then. Luckily neither will your opponent so worth a shot. Enjoy and if we find more or you know some let us know.

Malke sure to also check out our printable skill guides which are very useful. Especially as they explain how to do the moves in tele camera mode. If you found this page useful please follow us on twitter and let us know – @fifaaddiction