How to do new FIFA celebrations

How to do new FIFA celebrations

How to do new FIFA celebrations

If you want to know how to do new FIFA celebrations we always add them on our blogs. These are 9 of the most popular FIFA celebrations. You can also run to the camera or substitutes and player will interact. Two celebrations you can unlock from the catalogue at level 25 if you have enough XP points. KO made famous by Wayne Rooney and Bailando robot. You can check your level at the top right of the home screen on FIFA menu. Or if you are lucky somebody might gift them to you.

If the videos don’t load try a refresh of the page. Should be fine once they load unless your internet already has streams and other videos currently running. You can stop each by clicking in the middle of the image and then playing them 1 at a time. Click on the Vine icon top right of each to see them bigger. You can also go to our vine channel and see them – FIFAAddiction Vine channel. RS = Right stick in the guides below.

  • Spanish dance – Not locked
  • Hold L2/LT flick RS up up

  • KO – Unlock Lvl 25
  • Hold L1/LB, double tap ■ ■/X X

  • Timber – Not locked
  • Hold L2/LT, press o/B

  • Chest thump – Not locked
  • Hold R2/RT, Flick RS down down.

  • Knee slide fail – Not locked
  • Hold L2/LT, Flick RS left left.

  • Glamour slide – Not locked
  • Hold R1/RB, Flick RS left left

  • Point Up – Not locked
  • Hold L1/LB, Flick RS left right.

  • Stomach slide – Not locked
  • Hold L2/LT flick tap ▲ ▲/Y Y

  • Bailando robot – Unlock Lvl 25
  • Hold L1/LB, Flick RS Up Down.

So now you know how to do some of the best FIFA celebrations you can enjoy scoring even more. You can find other FIFA celebrations in the FIFA blogs/celebrations section.

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