How to play FIFA17 early

How to play FIFA17 early

We know you can’t wait to play FIFA17 early. This year you can get the new XboxOne S with FIFA17 via EA Access on the 22nd September. So you can play 10 hours of the full game until FIFA17 launches on September the 29th. People with an existing XboxOne will be able to play FIFA17 on the 22nd using EA Access too. However if you don’t have an XboxOne this is the time to consider buying the new slim (S) version. 40% smaller and now with a built in power supply so it becomes as easy to move around and take places as the PS4. Also helps create more space for your setup. The new XboxOne S has a 4K Ultra HD Blue Ray and Streaming. Also a new slightly improved controller.

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Xbox One S FIFA 17 (500GB) Released 22nd September – Amazon

play FIFA17 early

Below is a video of the XboxOne S from Microsoft. Like we say if you don’t have an XboxOne then this is a good time to upgrade from Xbox 360 or PS3. You get FIFA early plus arguably the best console currently available being 4k capable and HDR. To help if you were thinking of buying a PS4 we have added a further comparison video below. Obviously if you want to play FIFA17 early then you need to go the Xbox route as Playstation doesn’t have early access. Also FIFA Ultimate Team legends are still exclusive to Xbox.

XboxOne S versus Playstation 4 comparison. From power to size to controllers to interface the video below gives a good comparison of all the key points.

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