Traits explained

What are FIFA pro traits?

People are often confused by specialities and traits in FIFA. The specialities (small shields in squad selection) are determined by the stats of a player.  So someone with very high shooting stat is given the finisher speciality. These don’t improve the player at all it is just an indication of what they are good at. Helpful for unknown players in career mode as you can search for players with specialities you require. Also head to head look at what specialities players have and make sure you make the best of them on the pitch. If you change your pro either position wise or physically you will see his stats change and also the specialities. A pro cannot have every speciality just like anyone in real life. Ronaldo can’t be a “complete defender” as well as a “complete attacker”.

So back to traits. These are only available and relevant to your Pro. You have to unlock the accomplishments to be able to add them to your pro. With a maximum of 5 at any one time. So it depends what type of player you want your pro to be.

The 20 FIFA pro traits to choose from are:

Long Throw-In – Adds extra distance to your throw-ins –
Good for launching attacks down wings.

Second Wind – Increases stamina at the end of a match –
Only for the last 10 mins of any game will you see difference.

Acrobatic Clearance- Adds spectacular defensive clearances to your game –
Helps if not quite facing ball to clear it before striker.

Early Crosser – Adds more curl to your early balls from out wide –
More effective with semi and manual crossing.

Finesse Shot – Increases your side foot effectiveness in front of goal –
Always required for attackers.

Outside Foot Shot – Enables you to curl shots with the outside of the boot –
Helps if attacking with weaker foot.

Power Header – Adds extra power to your headers at goal –
Helps if stood still as well as running onto an air pass.

Giant Throw-In – Allows you to launch throw-ins right into the box –
Try keep the aim of these away from keeper as it will go straight to them otherwise.

Swerve Pass – Adds bend to your passes & through balls where needed –
Much more effective with manual passing.

Power Free-Kick – Enables you to take low drilled free kicks –
Can still do powerful free kicks without but this enables along ground.

Stutter Penalty – Adds the option to feint when running up to take a spot kick –
Careful on power when doing this. Can also add aftertouch.

Skilled Dribbling – Enables you to perform the skilled dribbling controls –
Sticks to players feet more helps quick turns.

Fancy Passes – Adds extravagant passes & crosses to your game –
Rabona passing and crossing.

Fancy Flicks – Increases the likelihood of backheels & fancy 1st touches –
Enables player to pass ball when not facing ball and around defenders.

Bicycle Kick – Enables you to perform spectacular overhead volleys –
Timing is everything with these.

Diving Header – Allows you to dive when attempting a header at goal –
Same again all about timing.

Driven Pass – Enables you to play more powerful & direct long passes –
Don’t forget the secret driven pass mode (hold right bumper while doing lobbed pass).

GK Up for Corners – Allows you to push forward for corners at the end of a match –
If desperate or winning easy send ya keeper up!

GK Long Throw – Increases your over arm throwing distance –
Good for building quick counter attacks.

GK Flat Kick – Increases the speed & accuracy of kicks from hand –
Same again and good if large target man.

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