Ultimate Team secrets

FUT Secrets

Not really FUT secrets as such but things you need to know about when playing Ultimate team to save you money and help you in the game. From saving money on contracts to having a bigger trade pile we think the knowledge on this page is essential for all players of Ultimate team.

1. FUT player discard value

At the start of each Ultimate team on FIFA there are so many players put on the market that prices are really low. So low in fact that they are actually available for lower than their discard value (quick sell). Normal non rare gold cards sell for just over 300 coins so if you pick them up for 250 to 300 coins you are going to make a small profit. Rare gold cards 75 rated sell for 600 coins and 82 rated sell for 656 coins. More unusual to find these but we found lots of Seedorf at 150 open bids which we put 600 coin bids on and won a few. Also we sold him on for more anyway as he is amazing on the game ha. Should be around 3000 coins that’s how good he is.


2. Manager contracts in FIFA

There are a few things to be aware of which will save you money and also make you money. The first of our FUT secrets is staff! Most people have a manager for each squad they have. Makes sense but there is a reason for having as many managers as you can buy. Each member of staff has a multiplier on their card. Managers for example if you look at them will say Negotiations with a percentage (shown below). This means if you own them every time you add a contract to a player they add the percentage on their card. So if you have ten managers all with negotiations +3% this will add 30% of any contract card to a player on top of the contract value. If it is a 28 gold contract the extra 30% will mean the player gets a 36 contract added (30% of the 28 added on to the 28). This is the same for all staff members, such as physios if you use a healing card on a player. They add an extra percentage to heal your player quicker.


3. FIFA player positions


This is also an important part of Ultimate team and one of the best FUT secrets. If you have players in the correct positions at the start of a game they have better chemistry. So for example if Hulk is in your team at RM for your formation which has a RM he will get better chemistry than having him at ST. However he likes playing as a striker as you can see. So you can put him on the bench and put him on as striker after game starts, or just move him to striker and somebody else to wing. Either way it does not affect your original starting chemistry.

4. Improve your defence in FIFA

This is a simple one and should be used by all FIFA players. When your opponent is shooting at you press the shoot button and move the left stick in the direction of the shot to pull off amazing saves. This really works keepers will do amazing saves and your opponent will be saying how did he save that!!

Ultimate team catalogue items

Before you go into Ultimate team on the console there is a menu called Football Club. Go into there and you can access the catalogue. this has lots of things you can unlock to use in FIFA including Ultimate team. Such as celebrations and classic kits and extra trade piles spaces. You gain XP to unlock these by playing FIFA and Ultimate team and certain tasks give you XP. Look at the top right of the screen when in FIFA and it tells you the level and how many XP points you have. Higher it is more you can unlock.


5. Increase your trade pile in Ultimate team

Doing our trading methods you are going to need a bigger trade pile. In the catalogue there are many opportunites to increase it. As low as level 11 can get you another 10 spaces. If you earn lots of XP you can unlock level 61 giving you another 30 spaces on your transfer pile. This is highly recommended to earn more coins trading.

6. Unlock classic kits for free

Rather than buy them in the transfer market if you have enough FIFA XP you can unlock them in the catalogue. Some of them like Barcelona classic kit and Milan classic kit might become rare in the future as people have them and don’t want to sell. Others will price fix the ones on the market at higher values.

7. FIFA ultimate team coin boosts

Again in the catalogue you can unlock coin boosts. When you win games the coins you receive are boosted by extra coins. Can get 1500 coins ten times etc. This is a quick way to increase your coins quickly. PLEASE NOTE EA Have removed this due to people on multiple accounts using them and trading coins to 1 account.

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