FIFA gameplay issues

FIFA15 gameplay fix

Strange FIFA gameplay issue

In FIFA15 we yet again found issues with gameplay online and even offline. Passes going badly wrong and delay from controller so pass goes wrong way. Players moving like they on ice skates and not responding properly. As there are a few of us who now play career mode together as a group we noticed something significant. When different people signed into the PS4 and launched FIFA sometimes the gameplay seemed smoother and more responsive. So something profile related was affecting the gameplay. Messing about with profiles and sign ins we found that using a guest account or no account depending on console to start FIFA gave better gameplay. Once FIFA is loaded then go back and sign in to your online account on Playstation network or Xbox Live to continue playing offline or online. Below is the video showing how to do that on PS4 FIFA15 and Xbox360 FIFA14. Same process for any console or FIFA version.

Also check the extensive FIFA lag page and FIFA connection issue page for FIFA15.

Our old FIFA gameplay fix for older FIFAs

The hospitality settings below was a fix for older FIFAs on PS3 and Xbox360. Interestingly the hospitality settings were removed but the EASFC servers of FIFA15 and 14 still seem to be a major cause of issues.Has your FIFA online suddenly become the most annoying thing ever, not responding to anything you do. Normal passes not going to players? Ball rebounding everywhere? Strange physics? Rather than just game lag where the game stutters or goes slow then fast this is different. When it all goes strange even just pressing A to continue doesn’t seem to respond. We are 90% sure this is down to what EA have named hospitality settings. This is a file stored locally and on the EA servers regarding your controller settings for the game. From what we can see one of these is becoming corrupt. Doesn’t seem to make a difference if they are both the same but try synchronise first. There is an option to synchronise them between local and server in the menus Xbox Live/My FIFA 13 Online/Xbox Live Settings/Hospitality Settings (or equivalent on PS3).


However we don’t think these ever actually synchronise which might be part of the problem. Also doesn’t seem to make any difference to game if set to on or off. So the best way to get the game to say the message above (Your current settings do not match those on the server) is to delete the cache on xbox menus themselves. If anyone knows how to this on PS3 please let us know. Though we haven’t actually found the gameplay issue on PS3 yet.

Deleting your system cache on xbox

This doesn’t delete any profiles, pro players, FUT squads or anything so is perfectly safe to do.

In your Xbox menu go to Settings/System/Storage and then highlight Hard Drive. Press Y for Device Options. Highlight Clear System Cache (Warning selecting Format is bad and will wipe everything from your hard drive DO NOT DO THAT). So when Clear System Cache is highlighted press A to select it. Only takes a few seconds. Image below.


Then if you haven’t done it before enable Cloud saved games. You do this in the same menus – System settings/Storage. Highlight Cloud Saved Games and as before press Y for the Device Options. Select Enable. Then when you start FIFA again it will ask you which storage you want to use. Say Cloud. Should also say your Hospitality Settings do not match do you want to use local or server? Select Server even if they look wrong! Then go into the FIFA controller settings and make sure they are as you want them. If you change them try to synchronise them as above on the page.

Other things worth trying for better FIFA gameplay (consoles and PC).

  • Wired router and wired controller
  • In Customise FIFA menu/My Music and Chants/EA Sports Trax – Switch all off
  • Try have your console somewhere doesn’t get too hot. Buy a metal grill to put underneath for airflow
  • In Customise FIFA menu/Change squads/Rosters select download updates
  • Install game to hard drive (xbox only) When hover over FIFA 13 in menu press X for option to install
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