Our FIFA Pro Club

Our FIFA Pro Club

FIFA 18 could be the year our FIFA Pro Club returns. We used to play FIFA Pro Clubs with @Bateson87 and others but the chaos of modding pro players to be rated higher than 100 killed the mode. FIFA13 saw a mini revival of Pro Clubs with us playing a few games and enjoying it but it didn’t last. Then with the Pro Clubs being on PS4 and Xbox1 only it was obvious the mode was being left behind by EA. FIFA18 doesn’t have any big new features or modes for Pro Clubs but we are tempted to make a return.

If you have a great Pro Club with youtube content showing great play and goals let us know maybe we will feature it in FIFA18.

Looking for a FIFA Pro club to join

Are you looking to join a pro club in FIFA 18? If so check out the FVL Pro clubs website.

Our FIFA Pro Club



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