Chemistry in Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team chemistry and morale

We always test all parts of each FIFA game as every one has differences. UT has a thing called chemistry and also player morale. Basically means how well people get on with each other and how happy they are. Or at least it should mean this. We have been looking at team chemistry and individual chemistry. While testing it in previous versions we realised how important morale is and fitness. Also which positions the players like to play in outside of UT. Check this in an offline exhibition game before you buy players so HULK actually likes LW/RW/ST. We always use him as ST when not testing the game 🙂

So this is how we tested everything trying to use scientific controls and variables rather than just deciding. Obviously the opponents online have different levels of FIFA ability but we know how everything is affecting our players. We have played over 150 games purely testing this with no other internet devices switched on to give best connection possible. If you don’t understand everything below or just want the results just read the conclusion at the bottom of the page ha. We also recored lots of games and will attempt to create videos giving examples. We took some real beatings and some people were recording at the time too ha.

The control used was 4-1-2-1-2 formation, Team rated 79-81, Play >10 games with >90 fitness, Neutral morale, 95 or higher chemistry and every player 9 chemistry, Players in correct positions and formation, Played between 7pm-10pm UK time, In the Gold cup only.

Then varied the following (meaning only changing each of below in turn compared to the original control) –

  • 2 attacking players in wrong formation but correct position and 9 chemistry from players around them.
  • 2 attacking players in correct formation but wrong position with 9 chemistry from players around them.
  • 2 attacking players from different leagues both with 0 chemistry, wrong formation and wrong position.
  • 2 attacking players from different leagues both with 2 chemistry, correct formation but wrong position.
  • 2 attacking players from different leagues both with 4 chemistry, correct formation and position.
  • Less than 70 overall chemistry. Used all different players from various leagues so players had less chemistry but in correct formation and position.
  • Less than 70 overall chemistry. Added a few players from various leagues in wrong formation and position.
  • Less than 50 overall chemistry. Players from various leagues in wrong formation and position.

Morale in Ultimate team

To then test how morale affects players in Ultimate Team. – We made sure we used the same 2 players from different leagues as above which were actually Dembele CAM playing LM (0 to 4 chem) and Zarate CF playing CAM (0 to 4 chem) in a Russian/Brazilian hybrid in 4-1-2-1-2. We added morale cards to make sure they were Very high and actually at 100. Then played again under the different variables to see if they improved and by how much.


The results were very interesting compared to FIFA 12 where we were able to use teams and players with no chemistry and still pass the ball perfectly and win games easy. A bit different in FIFA 13 where we found only one part of chemistry very important and that was overall team chemistry. Individual chemistry didn’t make a big difference that we could see. Obviously to have a strong team chemistry you need quite a lot of player chemistry but the two we used without were not affected when in the correct formation. From all of our testing there were three things which were key to the players being in the correct position on the pitch, have good passing, dribbling and shooting.

1. Overall team chemistry. The lower this was the worse the team played and individuals if they had chemistry or not. Yes we managed to win some games but against poor opposition. Against better players we were generally beaten easily.

2. Formation of the player. If this was correct the players played better and the two we used with no chemistry really stood out when they were the wrong formation. Passing was very bad in all the games compared to the other players and the first touch was awful. Shooting too.

3. Player morale. The thing that made the biggest difference throughout all the testing for us. When we changed the morale to 100 for the two players they totally dominated games compared to players around them with 9 chem but only neutral morale. As long as they had correct formation that is.

So we would suggest making sure you cover these 3 things and that the fitness is 90+ and the players you have like to play in that position outside of UT (shown top of the page with Hulk example).

TWO important things to note.

1. You can change your formation and player positions after the game starts and chemistry isn’t affected. So you could start Hulk as RM then move him to striker after 5 mins or so 🙂

2. If a player is much better at FIFA than you it is likely they would have a good chance of beating you with no chemistry or morale etc. However making sure you have the best performance of your players will make a difference against them and other players who are as good as you. Worse players you should win easily but don’t forget football and FIFA does throw up some shocks. Make sure you followed our guide on winning at FIFA too.

Now people might disagree with our chemistry findings, lots sure did in FIFA 12 where we felt it simply didn’t make enough difference to our game – In the end we bought players in the cheapest formations we could find and simply put them into the formation we preferred using. Which in FIFA 12 was 3-5-2.

Also to check player chemistry before you buy for your team use the FUTHead website. Although we have found some differences between the chemistry on the webapp, the game itself and FUThead. Seems to be an EA fault.