FIFA connection issue fix

FIFA connection fix

How to set up good FIFA connection

Read all of the FIFA lag fix page and our latest big help the FIFA Game Changer page then follow these steps for your console or PC. Between the three pages we cover everything you need to do to understand the issues and hopefully fix as many as possible. The other page being so in depth this is just a few console/PC and general tips and tricks to try. Will add more as we find them.


  • Install game to console
  • Make sure friends list is below 100.
  • Date of birth of your account not set so you are older than 100.


  • Make sure time and date are set correct
  • In Network settings make sure Media Server Connection is disabled



  • Uninstall previous version of FIFA. Somehow this creates an issue with the game.
  • Game crashes on welcome screen – remove any generic controllers and restart – It is a must in our opinion that you buy the xbox style controller for PC. We got ours from Amazon links to many here – Xbox PC controller. Make sure the wired PC version at around £10.
  • To stop jittery laggy play make sure you download D3DOverider and have that running before starting FIFA.
  • Make sure your audio on PC is set to stereo
  • In task manager (control-alt-delete) make sure FIFA.exe is given high priority.

Tips and tricks for FIFA connection issues

  • Our number 1 advice is do not use wireless for gaming. Use a cable. Lots of things can affect wireless and it is not advised for gaming. Even 50 and 100mb broadband can suffer jitter which affects wireless badly.
  • One good piece of advice if strange issues is switch everything off. Unplug network cable from console or PC. Start console and then FIFA and ignore any messages about network. Play a game and save something like a new career or a formation. Then connect the network cable and reconnect to servers.
  • After a few games (3 to 5) close FIFA then go to your network settings page as below and select Test internet connection. You will be suprised how often this improves your game and the connection and lag.
  • Test network fifa

  • Use hard drives rather than cloud storage when asked about saving files.
  • Use wired controllers (stick usb charger in).
  • If you experience strange gameplay suddenly, passes going wrong or odd player movement go to the main FIFA menus and edit teams, download latest squad updates. THEN try our FIFA gameplay issue fix
  • For Ultimate team keep all of your items in your club below 3000. Sounds like way more than you will have but people who buy lots of packs easily accumulate hundreds of contracts etc.
  • Change the captain of pro club games to player with fastest connection. They are the one who sync to the opposing captain. The rest of your team sync with your captain and EA stats server but not the opponents.
  • Disable all the music in the game to see if potential dvd issue.
  • If you are using a tv does it have a 720p setting you can try? Rather than trying 1080p/i
  • Some people have said deleting their profile completely. So set up new Origin account and FIFA profile has helped them. Obviously you will lose everything in Ultimate Team but if you at at the stage of tearing hair out try it.

Extra findings

Recently, some internet providers have started to run out of public IPv4 Internet adresses for their customers, and start to NAT their own network (known as Carrier Grade NAT). This means the ISP uses one public IP address, and “hides” most of their customers behind that one IP (just like your home router does with all your devices at home). In that case, you need to contact your Internet provider and specifically request that you get a public IPv4 Address. If that is not possible, there is no way around but getting a new Internet provider.

If you want to check if your ISP is putting you behind his own NAT, browse to your router’s configuration. Find the router’s WAN IP address (check the router documentation again, if in doubt). Make a note of that WAN-IP address, and then browse to a page that reads your public IP address (simply google for “what is my ip address” or go to

If the IP address shown on the website is different to the WAN-IP in your home router, you have a double NAT. Either your Internet Provider puts you behind a NAT, or your Modem is also a NAT device.